Open Mail To President Buhari To Save NDLEA From Collapse

                                                                                   National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
                                                                                   4 Onilegbale Road
President Mohammed Buhari
President of Nigeria
Dear Sir
Sir we are pleading with you to save NDLEA from corrupt leadership of  Ahmadu Giade. Since he became Chairman/Chief Executive of NDLEA since 10 years ago he has killed NDLEA with corruption and impartiality.
 Ahmadu Giade resumed NDLEA in 2005 with the appearance of a man of integrity but some corrupt officers of NDLEA quickly spoilt him with drug money and since then his story has changed
The first week he resumed office the first person he identified as corrupt officer in NDLEA is Hamza Umar, the present commander of Murtatala Mohammed International Airport. You can find out from the chairman himself or anybody in NDLEA. That time Hamza Umar was the commander Tincan Island Command. The chairman immediately removed him and posted him to the headquarters at Shaw road ikoyi because of corruption. But that same week Hamza convinced him that his appointment as NDLEA Chairman is an opportunity to enjoy himself with his family now after retire from the police with nothing to show and Hamza told him how things are done in NDLEA and hamza assured him how he will make his stay in NDLEA comfortable.
 After that he posted Hamza to airport to start gathering money from drug barons for him. Since that time Hamza who is the first to be discovered as corrupt officer became the only person that control the chairman and dictate anything to be done in NDLEA. He is even more powerful than the chairman because he is the one that determine who should be appointed as director or commander and any other position in NDLEA. He is the one to select anybody for any course and also those to be promoted. He has ambition to become NDLEA Chairman and he has being destroying many senior officers he think that are threat to his ambition so that he can have his way. The two very senior course 1 officers (Danasabe and Colshowers) who finished from war college were pushed out of NDLEA by Hamza. Also all other officers that finished from NIPSS have being made junior to hamza that suppose to be their junior by at least 3 ranks. He is the most richest person in NDLEA and no drug baron is as rich as Hamza.
Everybody know that Hamza Umar is a drug baron and you can find out from anybody in NDLEA. More than twenty years now Hamza has not worked anywhere apart from sea port and airport  as commander. This are the two major areas drug barons operate very well. He served as commander Tincan island port from 1995 to 2005. That is 10 years before he was removed by the present chairman for corruption. He was appointed as commander again to murtala mohammed international airport by the same chairman since 2005 till now. That is another 10 years is seaport and airport that drugs pass in large quantity.  It was when Hamza was the commander tin can island port that he started passing drugs and became very rich and he is till doing the same thing at the airport and now he use to get people to carry drugs abroad for him and this is very easy for him because he is the commander. If they arrest anybody with 10 kg of drug they will declare 1 kg and he will recruit courier to carry the remaining 9kg to oversea for him.  The chairman know everything that is happening at the airport and they share the money together.
 When Hamza went on course for almost two years, chairman did not post anybody to replace him but kept the sit for him but if any other commander is going for any course chairman will post another person to replace the officer going on course. Hamza is a friend to all the drug barons we know and many of them use to come to him at the airport and Hamza use to call them friends of the office.
No ordinary officer can be posted to airport except those selected by chairman Ahmadu Giade and Hamza because they need officers that can pass drugs for them. Any director that has a candidate have to beg hamza but if that candidate mistakenly arrest anybody sent by Hamza to carry drugs oversea that officer will be posted out to the far north immediately. The officers that work at the airport are popularly called young millionaires.
During the last recruitment, some of the drug barons brought their candidates to Hamza and they were employed and now they are NDLEA officers. Do we expect those officers to arrest drug barons or their messengers? Some of the officers that help Hamza to pass drugs at the airport have also become drug barons on their own and they now recruit people to carry drugs oversea for them. For example, in November 2013, one clearing agent was arrested with large volume of hard drugs at the airport and he mentioned kabir Shabol Shuaibu (alias councilor)an Assistant superintendent of narcotics as the owner of the drugs.  Kabirus service no is; 2924. Kabiru was personally posted to the airport by the chairman to do drugs for him and he was the closest person to the commander Hamza umar. He use to terrorize other officers because of his connection with the chairman and the airport commander and he was always doing his drug business without fear.
If any officer dare to harass any of his courier he will report to the commander and the chairman and immediately that officer will be transferred as punishment.
This kabiru after making drug money from airport resigned from NDLEA and contested election in his state and won the first time. The second time he contested he lost and returned back to NDLEA and was still posted to the same airport by the chairman. Even when he won election the first time he was always on ground at the airport doing his drug business with the commander.
When the clearing agent mentioned kabiru as the owner of drugs recovered from him, all other officers which kabiru use to boast to as commander and chairmans boy were waiting to see what the commander and chairman will do to him now that they have been exposed. Because of anger of officers, commander was forced to take kabiru and the suspect before the chairman at ikoyi. Kabiru admitted before the commander and chairman that that drugs belongs to him. Both chairman and commander were confused because of anger of officers and what they did to calm the tension was to scatter those officers who have no strong god fathers  and they transfered kabiru to Gombe state command. The transfer was released on 27th December 2013 with reference no. NDLEA/CCEO/3/VOL. III/86.
After transferring kabiru to Gombe he still use to go and do his drug business at the airport and  the money he made from drugs he use to share with commander and chairman. With that drug  money, kabiru contested election again in April 2015 and won as honorable member of house of assembly in katsina state.
Apart  from kabiru, one suspect was arrested at the airport ikeja in may, 2014 with hard drugs while exporting it abroad and he said the drugs belongs to  Halima Ahmed, Deputy superintendent of narcotics. Halima is an NDLEA officer with service no; 4046, serving at the airport at that time and she was very close to the commander and the chairman. So to calm down the tension of other officers at the airport, all the officers complaining about what commander and chairmans boys were doing at the airport were immediately transferred out of the airport by transfer on 26th May 2014 and Halima was transferred to Niger state command.
The offences committed by kabiru and Halima, they supposed to be dismissed from work and charged in court as drug barons but they enjoy immunity from chairman and commander because they are working for them. They only transferred them to cool down tension of officers.
Two officers by name Godwin Ibadayin Samuel and Jide Adeosun who are NDLEA officers committed a smaller offence and they were dismissed from work and charged to court and taken to prison.
Godwin Ibadayin Samuel was working at the MMIA,Ikeja and was latter transferred to Anambra state command. He is one of the boys  the commander was using at the airport to pass drugs. But as he is now serving at Anambra he sneaked  in to MMIA to pass drugs but his courier was arrested and he said  Ibidayin was  trying to help to pass the drug. Ibidayin was arrested  and he stated in his statement how the commander have been using him to pass drugs when he was at the airport but the commander begged him to change his statement and promised him that they will not charge him to court. Because of that they left him in NDLEA custody so that they can release him when the news about his arrest died down. He was given the freedom to walk about freely within NDLEA premises. He was there for more than 3 months until press men got the information and challenged them why they refused to charge their officer to court before they hurriedly charged him to court after negotiating with him not to exposee them and to pay all his lawyers charges and compensate him.
Also one Jide Adeogun was serving at the airport and later transfered to Ekiti state command. He sneaked in to pass drugs but  he was arrested and charged to court.
Jide was only assisting a drug trafficker but he was dismissed and charged to court because he has no godfather but kabiru and Halima who were owners of the drugs, no disciplinary action was taken against them and they were not charged to court because they are working for the commander and chairman.
In NDLEA those officers who commit serious offences like drug trafficking are never punished because they have all the money to settle those in discipline department.  It is only those who commit administrative offences that are normally punished.
Also in May,2014 in ondo state command the NDLEA Commander that time retired after reaching the age of 60 years but because he use to gather money from indian hemp farmers for the chairmans returns, the chairman without consulting the federal civil service commission retained him on contract illegally stiil as the ondo state commander. But not too long a very big scandal involving deals of millions of Naira between him and the chairman and the indian hemp farmers broke out.
Mr Ibrahim Abdul was later posted to Ondo as commander and within two months he recovered more than 52 tons of indian hemp and arrested many of indian hemp farmers. The chairman was not happy about this because that was already affecting his usual returns from those indian hemp farmers and he had to look for excuse to remove Ibrahim Abdul who has just spent only 2 monhts as commander in ondo. He invited ibrahim Abdul to his office in Lagos and told him that Ibrahims life was at risk even when Ibrahim has never complained to him about any threat to his life. So he removed him from ondo state and posted him to idiroko area command so that he can continue to enjoy his returns from indian hemp farmers.
After about 2 weeks in Idiroko, Hamza Umar who dictate how things are done in NDLEA made chairman to post Ibrahim from Idiroko to Bauchi state command.
Last year some officers of kaduna state command complained of corruption against their commander. The Head of discipline department- mr Isah Adoro went there to investigate the allegation. When Isa Adoro went to kaduna he negotiated with the commander and after he was given his own share, he changed the original casefile and the statement which indicted the commander and wrote a new casefile that he will use to exonerate the commander. So other officers involved in the case got to know about it and started protesting. So investigation was removed from Isah Adoro and given to Mr. Oloruntoba.
Isah Adoro suppose to be punished for corruption and other offences for what he did in this case but no disciplinary action was taken aginst him. A person who is discipline other officers committed indiscipline but no body discipline him because man pass man in NDLEA.
There is a popular case of Barrister Paul Audu who have been suffering for doing a good thing as a committed and hardworking officer. He arrested a notorious drug baron and became chairmans enemy. The chairman even sack him from work before court brought him back. All of us are discouraged from work because of what paul Audu is passing through. Now there is drugs everywhere like pure water.
In 2011, more than 3 million people applied for NDLEA job and each of them paid ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED NAIRA (#1,500.00) for the form but only 2000 were employed. Altogether, over #1 billion Naira was realised but the chairman embezzled the money and refused to train the few that were employed. It was only recently that he poorly trained some of them for only about 6-8 weeks with another money allocated by the federal Government. He should account for the money realized from recruitment exercise.
There is also a secret deal between him and the former Attorney General. There is amount of #4 billion Naira that suppose to come to NDLEA from the office of the attorney general to NDLEA every year but the whole of that money is always shared secretly between Ahmadu Giade the chairman and the attorney general. Account can confirm this. All NDLEA officers know that kasamu is a friend of the office and that is why NDLEA did not arrest him since. What chairman made us to do recently is to provide cover for him since everybody is afraid of what you will do. They think that  you may appoint a new chairman for NDLEA and make him to arrest kasamu and kasamu may expose all the deals between him and the chairman and his boys. So they have to do what they did to cover him up so that another chairman should not arrest him and expose them. Ahmadu Giade and his boys are worser than drug barons.
In NDLEA those that dont deserve special promotion are the people chairman give special promotion either because they belong to his drug corruption cartel or that they have godfathers. Now there is serious indiscipline in the agency as many junior officers have been promoted above their seniors. So many officers have not been promoted for the past 14 years. The chairman transfer officers without paying transfer allowance.
The chairman Ahmadu Giade is getting to 11 years as NDLEA Chairman. Even if he is the best or most holy person in Nigeria should he remain the chairman of NDLEA forever?
 Everybody like Baba Buhari as a man of integrity but no matter how good Baba Buhari is even if he change Nigeria the way we are expecting he will leaf office after 8 years  maximum. So why should NDLEA chairman remain in public office for life? Is he the only person in Nigeria? After all he did not go to school more than primary school
All the officers that are the most corrupt in NDLEA and have turned to drug barons are the chairmans boys and it is them that determine the fate of NDLEA and officers now. Ahmadu Giade is always pretending that he has zero tolerance for corruption but in actual sense he is very corrupt and encourage corruption. Just like Goodluck Jonathan that was always saying that he has zero tolerance for corruption, but his government is the most corrupt in the history of Nigeria. This chairman is very corrupt. Investigation will reveal a lot about him. During campaign he was always seen in PDP rallies so that Jonathan can win for him to continue in his corruption and wickedness.
Sir God himself is a Nigerian and that is why he has choose you to save Nigeria and we are all behind you. Don’t disappoint God. Help us stop all this evils and save Nigeria. Delay is dangerous.
Sir please let them investigate everything i said in this letter. Many more bad things will be exposed. What i have said here is just small and they are all true.
Please Sir investigate this allegations and the truth will come out.
Thank you sir.

                                                Yours Faithfully,
                                                  MUSTAFA JELIL


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