Obiano Releases 25 Prisoners ...Calls for Sober Reflection on Nigerian's Independencea

By Abuchi Onwumelu
Anambra state Governor, Chief Wiilie Obiano has enjoined Nigerians to reflect soberly at the country’s 55 years of nationhood.

Obiano in an address to mark Nigeria’s 55 years of Independence in Awka today said the sober reflection became necessary given that at independence, the country’s founding fathers dreamt of a country whose greatness would finally announce to the free world the rise of a super power in black Africa.

It was also the dream of the founding fathers he said of a strong country whose inherent potentials would outweigh its in-born socio-cultural inhibitions and whose promise would outshine the teething problems of nascent nationhood.

Now, he said, 55 years after independence, Nigeria had survived successive waves of pogroms and a bloody civil war, repeatedly danced on the edge of the cliff and experienced harrowing moments of civil disturbances, religious and ethnic violence, wide spread uncertainly and doubt our corporate future, adding however that the country is stronger than all her challenges and will survive through it all.

He nonetheless said his hope in the Nigeria project is restored and that there is much to be hopeful for.

'Although insurgents and violent criminals still prowl the land, our dreams shall never die. Although we may not always agree with each other, the basis of our union shall stand the test of unity,' he said.

The Governor had in the exercise of his prerogative of mercy granted amnesty to 25 prisoners serving different terms in the three prisons in the state.


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