Lift Of Okada Ban: APC rejoices with okada Riders In Anambra State

Our party rejoices with all private and commercial and motorcycle riders in Anambra State,
Our visionary perception of things and our bank of management skills in our great party equipped us to understand that a day like this will come and we are glad that events have not proved us wrong.
We enjoin all okada operators to rejoice like someone who lost a property and regained it, rather than someone who received a new property as a gift.
As stated in our immediate reaction to this obnoxious policy which government is forced to review because of an impending election in Anambra Central Senatorial Zone and the pressure mounted by the questionable APGA candidate in the race, ‘ freedom of movement is a right specifically provided for in the Bill of rights contained in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’

Consequently, we said then and still hold now, that only an Act of the Anambra State House of Assembly could abridge that right in public interest, not a desire to foster the private business interest of relatives to the policy makers.
We therefore urge Ndi Okada  to celebrate with moderation for the simple reason that the remaining restriction ( Expressways) IS STILL ILLEGAL AND MUST BE COVERED BY LAW TO MAKE SENSE.
The second reason to moderate the celebration is that this restriction may still be reintroduced, in March when APGA would have lost the Anambra Central Senatorial seat that has forced this surprise review to APC and returned to the trenches against the interest of Anambra people.
Under no circumstance should anyone understand the somersaults from government for exigencies as a favour extended to a special group, because it would be a grave error of judgment. While the draconian and lawless policies lasted it served to rduce the earning power of our people and open them to the harassment, cum brutalization  of policemen who never prosecuted one case.
Indeed policemen saw the legitimate okada riders, who were being persecuted by Anambra State government as competitors because the same policemen gave themselves the leverage to  earn additional income from 7pm till dawn, after forcing the regular okada out of the way .

We however endorse the plan to make all motorcycle riders and their passengers put on crash helmets, because it is good for the health and safety of Anambra State residents and it is covered by a fully enacted federal law, which ought to have served to educate those groping to find their feet in managing a complex republican state like Anambra.
Once gain APC wishes our okada and ukwuito (tricycle) riders the best compliments of the season, and a new and prosperous 2016 in which their rights as a group are respected by those who should protect same.

Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary


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