At 62 Kollington Can Kill Somebody In Bed---Wife Exclaimed

Many Fuji lovers would have wondered where Chief Kollinton Ayinla would have been, title has been heard of the Fuji Maestro shortly after his colleague, Chief Sikiru Ayinde Barrister Died some seven years ago.

Alhaji Kollington Ayinla,  popularly known as Kebe n’ Kwara though remains fresh in the minds of Fuji lovers but people still need more of his input in the music industry as against what the younger generation are currently performing.
After much ado, Chief Kollington also known as ‘Baba Alatika  finally decided to speak with  on new year eve. at his country home, Alagbado Lagos
Kollington-Ayinla  exude the youthful confidence as he is knwon for and represents the bridge between the aged and the young.

To our surprise, we caught a climpse of a damsel in his house, who he refered to us as his youngest wife, but we went further to enquire even at Sixty two, how the music legend has been able to perfomr in his doemstic assignemnts even when it coms to bed matters.
Here is what her reply was: "Ahaji is not an old man as you see him oo, some time, I will be the one to ask him to stop because his stength increases by the day".
" I wonder how he was when he was younger, but I don;t complain because this is my obligation that I must fulfill as one of his wives.

“ Please leave me alone, this man can kill in bed. I don’t want to talk about”
"But Alhaji can kill someone in bed, Oga Ju" she replied and retired into the inner rooms, looking truly worn out.



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