Metu Alighted From A Black Maria Truck While Dasuki Alighted A From SUV Jeep----PUZZLE

Metu Acoompabied By Heavy Security Metu
I really feel Nigerians  should take a close look at the senerio as it plays itself.
We have a country where oppositions are treated like second class citizens, where major actors  behind the movie called corruption are now the referees  in the pitch  of corruption match.

Dasuki accompanied by his lawyer onl
What are we preaching to the international community, where the man behind the alleged 2.1billion dollar arms deal walked into the curt complex with less security assistance and alighted from an SUV jeep.
where lies the confidence in the country criminal justice system and what place someone above the other in a sovereign state like Nigeria.
I really  want to take a distance from Olisa Metu saga and delve into what my fellow Nigerians face everyday in  the hands of our security personnel.
I strogly advocate that their should be equaility in the dispensation of justice to every Nigerian
 and the idea of treating common man as second fiddle should be condemned .,




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