Ibori Returns To Nigeria Before March, 2016--Source

Strong indication now has it that, detained former Governor of Delta State James Ibori, who  was convicted of stealing $80m  from Nigeria's treasury is set to be released and repatriated to Nigeria to complete his jail term.
The embattled former governor, who is serving  jail term in the United Kingdom is rumored to face another lengthy jail term to complete his jail term here in Nigeria, which might extend  his stay i  prison beyond March 18, 2016, being date for his jail termination.

Friends and associates of the erstwhile governor are making frantic effort to place him on soft landing jail condition, being a former state executive governor and a leader of the Irobo extract of Delta state as well as someone who still command the respect of people of the south-south region of Nigeria, Sources said he needs to be accorded respect even if he is convicted to be gutty as charged.

It would be recalled that the erstwhile governor, during his jail term in the United Kingdom, was reported to have acquired luxury properties, fleets of Cars in the range of expensive Rolls Royce Brands,Bentley &  Maybach luxurious assets, and a private jet worth $20 Million, others, well above what a public office holder could acquire under his 8-years reign as governor of Delta state ,
Former Governor James Ohanafe Ibori is currently serving his jail term at Wandsworth Prison in South West London, since his extradition from Dubai in 2011.



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