Prove About Chris Brown's 9-Month-Old Secret Daughter With 31-Year-Old Model Nia

During his recent promo run, Chris Brown was king of saying too much in interviews, but there was one piece of information he definitely left out — he may be a father!

Strong emphasis on MAY!
Last night, the Internet did a collective “Say what now?!” after TMZ broke the news that Chris Brown was the father of a 9-month-old girl — presumably named Royalty — with a 31-year-old former model named Nia. The website claims while Chris and Nia have known each other for years, they’re no longer romantically involved nor do have any formal child support situation set up. However, despite keeping it all on the hush hush, they say Chris is “happy” about his new daddy role.

Now, of course, given Chris Brown’s history with TMZ, and their alleged vendetta against him (see: Chris Brown Calls TMZ Founder The Devil), this news got the major side-eye. Especially, since proof of the paternity test was never mentioned in the original story.  However, we haven’t written the story off as completely false just yet, given the tweet above from Karrueche, who sounds as though she’s kissed the relationship goodbye for good.
Here are some interesting facts we gathered last night:

1) Karrueche Inquired About “Nia” Just A Week Ago…
Karrueche Nia
Last week, Karrueche (whose tweet and delete game is strong), posted to Twitter: “Ya’ll know a Nia?”

Well, Nia is the name of the mother of Chris’ alleged baby. So the question now is, “Karrueche, what can you tell us about Nia?”

Actually, what can Christina Milian (Karrueche’s BFF) tell us about Nia because apparently she’s already in the circle of Karrueche’s friends. -_-

2) Jas Prince Knows Nia.
What does this have to do with anything?  For starters, Nia appears to be on Jas’ Y.E.M.G music label and he refers to her as his “sis.” They’re so close in fact that he’s listed as Royalty’s “uncle.” This is interesting because Jas used to date Christina Milian, but they broke up around the same time Nia gave birth to Royalty.


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