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Borrowers Mission: FG team hails ATASP-1 over Project Quality, Economic Impacts

The 2024 edition of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program Phase One (ATASP-1) Borrowers Mission team has expressed satisfaction with the quality and impacts of economic and social infrastructure projects undertaken under ATASP-1 in Adani-Omor Zone.

The commendation was made on Tuesday when the team concluded visitation to some project sites executed under ATASP-1 in Adani-Omor Staple Crops Processing Zone for some days recently.




I write as your leader at this critical period in our Country, Nigeria. Events in Nigeria today are no doubt very disturbing. The economy has turned very bad, a scepter of frustration is everywhere.

I have received many entreaties from many parts of the Country requesting me to call Igbos to join in demonstration and violent action in the Country against the Government. As your leader, I am directing that no Igbo group or community in Nigeria or in Diaspora should join in this action. I am still studying the situation. I have asked Nigerians who approached me the following questions, what did they do when the past government disfranchised Igbo land?

65th Birthday Celebration: Sir Emeka Offor Distributes Over 1000 Bags Of Rice, Other Items To Anambra Correctional Centres


  By Mmaduabuchi Onwumelu 

In continuation of his 65th birthday celebration, which took place on Saturday 10th February 2024, the Chairman of the Chrome Group and the founder of the Sir Emeka Offor foundation (SEOF), Sir Dr Emeka Offor has given out palliatives to all correctional centers across Anambra state.



By Christian ABURIME 

In the pursuit of a thriving and prosperous homeland, Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, of Anambra State has carved a narrative of commendable achievements over the course of 23 months. His administration has become synonymous with a relentless commitment to elevating the state to new heights, focusing on key pillars such as security, law and order, infrastructure and economic transformation, human capital development, governance reforms, and the cultivation of a sustainable environment. 


By Christian ABURIME 

In his almost two years as Governor of Anambra State, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, has made remarkable strides towards realizing his vision of a livable and prosperous homeland for all. 

Guided by the pillars of security and economic transformation, his administration has undertaken monumental governance reforms, infrastructure projects, and human capital initiatives that are already bearing bountiful fruits across the state. 

Bandits Attack Police Station, Kill Officer, Six Others, Set Shops Ablaze In Zamfara

Armed bandits have killed a police officer and six others in an attack on police divisional headquarters in Zurmi local government area of Zamfara state

Several shops were also set ablaze by the terrorits 



Anambra State Commissioner for Housing, Hon.Pauly Onyeka has lauded Governor Chukwuma Soludo's plans to transform the education sector of the state for effective performance.

The Commissioner gave the commendation when a team of officials from the ministries of Housing and Education as well as Anambra State Erosion Watershed and Climate Change Agency recently paid a fact-finding visit to Basden Memorial Special Education Center lsulo, in Orumba South Local Government Area of the State.


Anambra State Housing Commissioner, Hon. Pauly Onyeka, has emphasized the importance of using the media to project the achievements of the present administration to the people.

The commissioner made the call while receiving the team from CHOFFAN Communication Limited, owners of Blaze and Ijele FM Radio Stations on a courtesy visit at the State Secretariat Complex, Awka.


Hunger: Northern Nigeria takes its mother to the sky

Festus Adedayo

Late Afrobeat superstar, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, in his early musical ensemble days as Africa ‘70, recalibrated a folklore that told the story of food shortage and hunger. The folklore, which Fela entitled Alujanjankijan brims with the motif of greed and its implications. The hunger folktale goes thus: Long time ago, a very severe famine hit the animal kingdom, leading to intense food crisis. As against the predictions of diviners called to seek the face of divinities for solution, hunger continued to ravage the land, so much that the kingdom’s silos were completely depleted. Lion, the king of the jungle and the monarch of the kingdom, called a meeting of all known animals. After all, don’t the elders say, though “eat” and “become” are rendered same way in Yoruba lingual representation, what to eat occupies a higher hierarchical ladder than what we want to become? (Ohun t’a o je l’agba ohun t’a o je). With hunger pelting their bellies, all the animals literally crawled to the central square. Lion, with his hitherto luxuriant but now withered mane, cleared his throat and spoke. There was no gainsaying that the food crisis in the kingdom would prove fatal, leading to animals dying in droves, he said. Except urgent and quick remedy was procured, Lion underscored the calamity ahead. A drastic action was agreed, to wit, every mother of each animal must be offered in martyrdom to ensure a continuation of the animal race. The agreed modus operandi was that each of those mothers must be brought to the square and mutually devoured, for the sustenance of the race.




BY Ginika Oguji

The new Chief Medical Director, Comprehensive Medical Centre, Akwuzu, Dr. Adaobi Igwebuike has called on the staff of the hospital to always be proactive in the discharge of their duties.

Dr. Igwebuike made the call during her maiden meeting with the staff of the hospital at the Comprehensive Medical Centre, Akwuzu, Oyi Local Government Area.


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