Breaking News - Ojoto Community crowns CEO Densine group, Chief Okafor the new traditional ruler,

It was a ceremony that reflected an atmosphere of conviviality and brotherliness as people of Ojoto Akanasato community in Idemili South Council Area recently unveiled their new Igwe-elect, Chief Dennis Adindu Okafor.
The new traditional ruler was presented to the entire community by elders of Enugo village during a stakeholders meeting of Ojoto Akanasato Union, the town's highest decision -making body.

Located in the heart of Idemili, Ojoto Community, according to its Reviewed Constitution, is divided into two Sections, Okpuno and Obiofia each of which has 4 villages constituting it.
Okpuno has Ezieke, Ojor, Ire and Umuuchem while Obiofia has Enugo, Ndiabo, Umuezema and Ezema.
In recent months, Ojoto community has been a subject of strife arising from traditional rulership tussle, with many of its big wigs alleged to be complicit in the imbroglio for personal reasons.
As stipulated in the Community's constitution, 28 days after the demise of an Igwe, the Town Union is to commence the process for the selection of his successor, which must be completed on or before the last Ofala of the late Igwe.
Article 26, Section One(1, 2 and 3), further stated that the Igweship shall be rotated between the two sections (Okpuno and Obiofia) in order of seniority.
It is in  keeping with processes of Igwe selection according to the Community's constitution that the Town union met announced , presented  to the community the new Igwe and subsequently crowned him by Okpala of Ojo,the most senior Okpala that is alive.
The President General of the Town, Engr. Edwin Umeghalu while announcing the new king after he was presented to the Town Union by Umuofor kindred of Enugo village, observed that the new traditional ruler was not found wanting in all the processes undertaken before he emerged, adding that his numerous strides at improving the lives of people of Ojoto bear eloquent testimony of the transformation he will bring to community.

Crowning the new Igwe, Chief Godwin Efoagui, the Ojomo (head) of Ojor village explained that the late traditional ruler of the community, Igwe Augustine Obidigwe who died May last year, was from Umuonyia, the most senior kindred in Ezieke Village which is under the Okpuno section.
He further narrated how Enugo village which is the eldest in the Obiofia section was communicated last year by the Town Union to select a candidate and present to it, which he noted was duly done, leading to the emergence of Chief Dennis Okafor who is from the eldest kindred Umuofor in Enugo and his subsequent presentation to the Town Union.
"Igweship in Ojoto is a sacred responsibility, it follows an orderly system, backed by our constitution. The quest by some persons to jettison our constitution and make Igweship a contestable elective position instead of a traditional authority entrenched by our customs and traditions, is wrong", he concluded.

On his part, an Octogenarian, Chief Dan Ilonze expressed his joy at being alive and present to witness the unification of people of the community through the presentation of the Igwe-elect, praying that his emergence will put an end to any impending strife and position Ojoto on the path of progress and development.
According to him, "I was the President of the town union in the 70s that produce the first constitution Constitution of Ojoto, it is a thing of joy that it is being deployed today for its intended purpose which is to resolve internal strife. It is my hope that Ndi Ojoto would learn to shelve their personal interests for the good of the public especially when such comes in contrast with laid-down rules."
Others who spoke at the event including youths and women of the community while describing Igwe Okafor as a man of integrity that is deserving of the honour to lead bestowed upon him, praying God to grant him successful reign on the Ojoto throne while pledging their loyalty to him.
Igwe Dennis Adindu Okafor, a renowned businessman,a philanthropist, and Agriculturist, while thanking people of Ojoto for choosing him to lead them, promised to operate an all-inclusive leadership that will bring peace and progress to his community,  but emphasized that this can only be achieved if the people rally round him.
He posited, "development can never be found in a community where there is no love, peace and unity of purpose. I therefore plead with all Ojotorians to eschew jealousy, bitterness and rancour, to love one another and join hands as brothers and sisters to develop our community for posterity ".


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