Soludo Faults APC Economic Programme, Says It Plunged Nigeria Back To 35 Year of Development Model

Former Central Back Governor, Chukwuma Charles-Soludo says the wrong policy application of the All Progressive Congress led government was responsible to the shuck response to decline in globe oil prices which later plunged the nation to 30 year abandoned economic development plans..
He expressed hope that Nigeria would soon be out of recession with the new nation economic  policy regime where more money is now pump into the system, urge government not to adopt the idea of price fixing when the nation demand and supply are majorly import driven.

Correspondent Bamidele Ajayi was at this year Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, economic recovery symposium, and filed this report as produced from our studios.

Professor Charles Soludo described the action as a resurrection of intellectual wing, thought have been defeated in the structural adjusted programme, felt their time to change the already established economic model, base on faulted economic model with chuck response to decline in  oil price change regime in the global market..
He proposed some economic recovery plans, build on holistic restructuring of the nation economic, and advocate for a post oil era economic plans that will sustain the nation economic away from oil dependency as major source of revenue.
He suggests the nation bright sports are germane of getting out of recession, but charged the  nation academic institutions to draw a sustainable eco-development model built of post oil regime that Nigeria would adopt to remain afoot as other developed nations of the world.
He summarize the lecture with the adoption of some models proposed by the APC led government earlier as command and control policy regime, structured in  infantile Nationalism which is a faulty model of response to decline in oil prices,  premised on pseudo socialist  economic model which returned Nigeria economic  to 30 years development model that has failed..
Soludo conversed for some bright spots further that would get the country out of recession by  engaging the leaders to shun faulty model of response to an oil price change been a mono cultural economy, proposed a post oil sustainable post oil regime plans that would encourage local development plan in area of technology and industrial growths to boost expose with little ratio on importation to the nation’s advantage.


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