Wicked False Allegations and blackmail against Chief Primus Odili


(By Kenechukwu Felix Anosike)

I read the report making its rounds on the Social Media concerning a house purportedly purchased by Chief Primus Odili, Okosisi Aguleri and the Chief of Staff to the governor of Anambra State. Some write ups said the house was purchased in UK, some said it was purchased in US. Some said it was $2 million cash payment, some said $1.8 million dollars cash payment yet others say N763 million cash payment, all from Anambra State coffers. I reached out to Chief Primus Odili to ascertain the veracity of the write up and found out that they were all false allegations. The write up in every ramification is Politically motivated. The author, Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe is a well known serial blackmailer who has a penchant for blackmailing Politicians. He has in the past blackmailed former Gov. Peter Obi which led to his arrest. He has blackmailed Iyom Uche Ekwunife to the extent of producing a fake sex video. This led to his arrest by SSS. He was also arrested and detained by DSS as a notorious blogger that thrives on blackmail. His major target of the attack of course is not Chief Primus Odili but the Government of Anambra State for whom he works. The underlying mischief and inherent blackmail is unimaginable. It is therefore important that we put things right. 

For purposes of clarity, a good number of us that know and work closely with Mr Primus Odili know that he has lived and still lives in US for over 20 years. We know that prior to becoming the Chief of Staff to Governor Obiano in 2018, he is the CEO of a Healthcare outfit in the US registered since 2006 which his Wife is still running till date. This is a verifiable Healthcare outfit that is contracted with the State of TN and currently has over 40 employees on it’s payroll.

Despite the cheap blackmail of the mischief makers, Chief Primus Odili is well known for helping to sponsor, support and champion ASA USA free medical missions to Anambra State since 2004. 

The allegation that Chief Primus Odili purchased a house worth $1.8m and paid cash is laughable and not believable given the context and country or countries involved. It never happened. 

Most advance countries of the world especially US and UK thrive on loans, mortgage facilities or 30 years House loan payment on monthly installment as the credit of the party allows. 

With Chief Odili’s years and exposure in the business world of the US, it will be unthinkable for him to make such CASH purchase even if he has the money knowing fully well the implications. It is only ignorance of the laws of the US and UK that will make someone say or believe that somebody can indulge in such cash transactions without qualms. 

Now, does Chief Primus Odili have Mortgage in America.? The answer is yes. He has been having mortgage since 2005 when he bought his first house and currently he has a 30 years jumbo loan mortgage of $1.8m financed by One of the largest mortgage financial institutions in the United States which he will pay back on monthly installment for the next 30 years. What has Chief Primus Odili’s mortgage got to do with Anambra State government, Absolutely nothing. 

Chief Primus Odili has his legitimately established business since 2006 still running on contract in America and if a reputable American Lender after thoroughly reviewing his credit worthiness and his financials adjudge him capable of obtaining and repaying the loan and extended the facility to him, what offense has he committed? Absolutely none.

One wonders therefore the need for the blackmail if not sheer wickedness and political interest. Chief Primus Odili’s mortgage loan in America has nothing to do with Anambra State and should be treated as such. 

It is clear that the intention of the writer was to malign the character and integrity of Chief Primus Odili and the government of Anambra State. If this is not the case, the writer will not insinuate that there was an outright CASH purchase when he has no such evidence of cash payment. He will tell whoever that cares to know that Chief Primus Odili currently has a Jumbo Mortgage Loan which will take him 30 years to pay off. This would have made better sense and not the cheap blackmail he is peddling. There should be a limit to indiscretion in our political climate.


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