Obiano's Courageous Pursuit Of Igbo Issues

Ejike Anyaduba

Forty nine years after the Biafran War, the Igbo are still groping for political direction in a country they are major stakeholders. Their loss of position as a result of the internecine war of 1967-70 appears hard and fast. It worries even the casually concerned that the people's best effort came once in 1979, just nine years after the bitter war. Subsequent exertions appear to come in vain.

Obiano’s Quiet Transformation Of The Intangible Sector

Ejike Anyaduba

In the next three years Governor Willie Obiano will lay down the burden of office as the governor of Anambra State. He will be making history as the second APGA Governor after ex-Governor Peter Obi to successfully lead the foremost State for a two term of eight years. Previous governors, especially of the opposition party, the PDP, were not as lucky as the State refused to yield compliance, forcing them out at different stages of office. To the one she rebuffed after a term. To the other she yanked off before the end of a term. And yet to another she roundly snubbed after two weeks of seizing her to advantage. All these were possibly to underscore Anambra politics as fractious.


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