Chief Primus Odili on the Throes of Early Malevolent Electioneering


(By Chukwuemeka Echezona)

Chief Primus Odili could just be another victim of the treachery that underpins weird opposition in Anambra State politics. Other victims, in their numbers, are awaited as long as the whims of the sponsors are served. So it is that the overtly permissive social media space went agog with the news of a purported outright purchase of a $1.8m house in America by the Chief of Staff to the Government of Anambra State. Not surprised how much traffic and fire the disinformation caught in the extremely lax spectrum of the social media. Negative scripts, irrespective of whatever falsehoods that underscore them, often turn sensational and ready to serve the idiosyncratic yearnings of a large number of an inherently angry and gullible population across the globe. So it applies in the current mischievous hubbub making its rounds about house purchase in the United States.


Ezenekwe and his blackmailing stories (Sponsored )

 Ezenekwe and his blackmailing stories

(Chima Igwe)

Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe the publisher of is a wonderful person. He cuts the picture of a sedate and thoughtful personality. Nothing about him suggests he could be anything short of the persona. But sadly he is.


As Community and Social Dev Project winds down

As Community and Social Development Project winds down operation in Anambra

Ejike Anyaduba

Every project has a life span, and so does the Community and Social Development Project (CSDP). The Project (an Anambra State Government Planned Undertaking in partnership with the World Bank) has made its mark after nearly two years of operation and would be closing shop on the 30th of September, 2020.


Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe on His Blackmail Bit


(By Peter Ikebuilo)

My attention was drawn to a social media publication by Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe alluding that the Chief of Staff to Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra State, Chief Primus Odili, made away with funds entrusted under his care as a young Catholic seminarian only to travel to the United States of America where he worked with one Dr. John C. Nwofia, a well-known Spine consultant and Medical rehabilitation Specialist with a big clinic at Brentwood, Nashville. According to Ikenna, Chief Odili, conniving with a female account officer at the medical facility duped it of $18,000.00 US.


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