Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe on His Blackmail Bit


(By Peter Ikebuilo)

My attention was drawn to a social media publication by Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe alluding that the Chief of Staff to Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra State, Chief Primus Odili, made away with funds entrusted under his care as a young Catholic seminarian only to travel to the United States of America where he worked with one Dr. John C. Nwofia, a well-known Spine consultant and Medical rehabilitation Specialist with a big clinic at Brentwood, Nashville. According to Ikenna, Chief Odili, conniving with a female account officer at the medical facility duped it of $18,000.00 US.

Ikenna is evidently working in concert with the story-bearer of the recent house purchase claim which the bitter opposition seeks to hang on Chief Odili’s neck. It is therefore an unraveling plot scripted in bad blood, intended to smear the image of the Chief of Staff and malign Gov. Willie Obiano.

Ikenna forgot that Primus Odili has classmates in his days in the seminary who actually have authoritatively informed me upon enquiry that no such theft was recorded against Odili here in Nigeria; instead the records show that the promising young man opted out of the seminary on his own volition irrespective of a remarkable track record he kept while his stay lasted. Indeed, Primus left the seminary while his ban for diaconate ordination was being announced.

It is clear that once a foundation is faulty, the entire building is bound to collapse. Thus, I did not continue to waste my precious time and energy to call US and ask about Dr. John C. Nwofia and the $18,000.00 US which I know from my discoveries when asked about the person of Ikenna Ezenekwe that the story must be a mere fabrication by Ikenna.

Reflecting on the entire thing, the true character of Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe reemerged. A write up by Valentine Obienyem, the media aide to former Gov Peter Obi, titled, "Impending Attack On Obi: A Strange Call From Ikenna Ezenekwe", published by on September 4, 2018, clearly made me to know that the said Ikenna is "a fraudster who can do anything for money", according to Mr. Obienyem. Val narrated how Ikenna was expelled from the Saharareporter which he co-founded with Sowore. 

I was shocked to see that Ikenna has no good family that he could call his own as his American wife divorced him because of his peculiar life of lies and deceit; and he even suffered some other marital embarrassment after he married a Nigeria lady without informing her of his AS genotype status, not until they had an SS child. This is a man who dubiously collected $10,000.00 US from ex-gov Peter Obi to treat his sick father who was dying of prostate cancer only to disappear into the tin air with the money, to the astonishment of his family and people. Ikenna is the fraudster who resurrected the news of erosion that killed some people in his hometown, Nanka, in 1974. He colluded with the man who lost his entire family in the 1974 incident and dubiously obtained money from former Gov Peter Obi when he was on seat in Anambra State. He went ahead to fraudulently obtain cash donations and relief materials from many organizations and the general public in that fake erosion scheme. With the bursting of the scam, Channels TV returned to the man-victim who confessed that he was acting Ikenna's script and that the relief materials and money he garnered were shared with Ikenna.

We are therefore not surprised at the level of Ikenna’s traditional subterfuge which he treacherously deploys in seeking pecuniary gains. Apart from Peter Obi, Ikenna also blackmailed former Gov. Orji Uzo Kalu of Abia State, Senator (Iyom) Uche Ekwunife, and numerous others in the past. Thus, blackmailing Chief Primus Odili merely extends Ikenna’s scope of his blackmail victims. Chief Odili is not Ikenna’s first victim; he is not likely going to be the last. 

“He who sells his conscience to the devil, must also be ever prepared to feast with him.” Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe is “synonymous with fraud and mischief" and sundry fraudulent acts through which his ruin will naturally come someday, for he who lives by the sword, most likely dies by it.



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