Ezenekwe and his blackmailing stories (Sponsored )

 Ezenekwe and his blackmailing stories

(Chima Igwe)

Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe the publisher of is a wonderful person. He cuts the picture of a sedate and thoughtful personality. Nothing about him suggests he could be anything short of the persona. But sadly he is.

Until he relocated to Nigeria from the US in a very questionable circumstance, Ezenekwe was a guy with a lot of promise. The Anambra State Association, USA an association of Anambra indigenes resident in the US to which he was a foremost member reposed reasonable trust in him. Ezenekwe also had the trust of Sowore with whom he co-founded the Sahara reporter. It was not long before he lost both.

 It took a sponsored visit to Nigeria by the ASA, USA for Ezenekwe to betray the cause. He could not deliver on his assignment as he frittered away the money entrusted in his care. Impecunious and without any hope of surviving in Nigeria, Ezenekwe hopped onto a campaign trail of moneybag politician. In time his services were otiose and he was laid off. Ezenekwe went on the fiddle. He went and resurrected the 1974 erosion tragedy in Umuchiani Ekwulobia and gypped the Peter Obi administration of good money. Again because he was leaving off people and on fraudulent acts he soon ran out of cash and he began to blackmail the government.

It is doubtful if Ezenekwe has his senses in the right place, especially once without money. He fell for a stratagem. He was lured to the Government House for reimbursement. On stepping into the State House he was seized and beaten blue and black until a high government official intervened to save him.

Next on his blackmailing list were other politicians like Mrs. Uche Ekwunife and Orji Uzor Kalu. The former  she caused to look like a courtesan through animated pictures. She had his arrwsted and put away until he tendered public apology.  Chief Orji Uzor Kalu was not luckier. He suffered similar fate in the hands of Ezenekwe. All Ezenekwe's victims did not need to steal government money to buy a house in Nashville before they were blackmailed. All what every of Ezenekwe’s victim has in common is that they are, like his would-be future victims, public figures. And the possible antidote to escape his blackmailing list is just prayer or where otherwise to hand him some physical punishment. Obi, Ekwunife et al escaped his his pernicious publication after both rough handled him.

It was absolutely unnecessary talking about Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe, but for the reason that he should be situated in perspective for people to know him well enough and for an informed opinion to be made on his latest victim Chief Primus Odili. He is not the first and will surely not going to be the last. Except for mischief, Ezenekwe knows that it is not out of the ordinary for Odili to buy a house in the US on mortgage. He is aware that the mortgagor who has lived long in the US and whose wife still resides there can access the mortgage facility. The whole idea of talking about Dr. John Nwofia and why Odili did not make it to the priesthood was to spice up a dumb story. The yarn which has no chance of believability must gain some attention once a negative story is woven around it. Like someone had earlier asked: is Odili without classmates in the seminary? Has Dr. Nwofia gone to his reward? These people are alive and can authenticate or disclaim the story.

The earlier people begin to pay less attention to Ezenekwe and his many blackmailing stories the better for the society. One this is certain, it will not be long before Ezenekwe is completely unmasked. It is very pathetic that he wasted all his years in the US only to return to Nigeria, a blackmailer. Though the times are hard and his Ukpaka report is not doing very well, but blackmail is no job. Ezenekwe should be reminded that he who lives on blackmail suffers the fate of a blackmailer.

Chima Igwe

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