Buhari Orders Arrest Of In-Law For Defrauding People To Gain Access To Presidency & Contract Award

Alhaji Musa Yola
Charity as its literarity said begins at home, this gave rise to the sudden rise in demand for increase access to President Muhammadu Buhari been created by one Alhaji Musa  Yola, an In-Law to the president taken to the mechanism of defrauding people in the means of granting access to the president.
Online media has been a washed with comments and reaction that led to the arrest of the wife of the president brother.
In a directive issued to the men of the Department f the Security Service, DSS, President Muhammadu Buhari felt disappointed with the shocking news of a close relative of theirs to have engaged in such dastardly act and did not spear the rod to caution any willing suspects to refrain from such activities.
President Muhammadu Buhari ordered Nigeria’s security agents to arrest his brother-in-law for allegedly extorting money from an unnamed businessman, a close confidante of the Nigerian leader . He said the suspect, named Musa Yola, was the immediate younger brother of Mr. Buhari’s wife.
Our source disclosed that the suspect, also addressed as “Alhaji Yola,” reportedly received N300 million from a businessman after promising to provide his dupe with political access to secure an oil block from the Buhari administration. According to our source, Mr. Buhari personally ordered last Monday night that Mr. Yola be produced before him in handcuffs in the company of the businessman he duped.

After telling the businessman that he was stupid to part with such significant cash when he should know that he, Mr. Buhari, would not participate in fraud, the president ordered agents of the State Security Services (SSS) attached to Aso Rock Villa to thoroughly investigate the scam. He also ordered the SSS operatives to ensure that the businessman recovered his money from his brother-in-law.
An SSS source said, “Alhaji Yola has refunded the money to the affected businessman.” He added: “Alhaji Yola has been released on bail.”


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