Former President Jonathan's Son Is Alive not Dead - Source

The Son of the former president Goodluck Jpnathan. Ariwera Jonathan who was rumoured to have died of a mysterious death was sited  church  on Sunday with the father to dispel the wild spread negative information about the teenager.
Sources told that former first family was said to hear such inhuman rumour about their only son but assured to pay less attention to it and move on with their carrier of touching lives after office.
They further told that the teenager Ariwera Jonathan is not only hale and hearty but he is in good health against what was reported about the lad.
Several aides of the former President hinted  on Tuesday that his rumored death came as a surprise to them, as the boy is not even sick.
Social media outlets were buzzing with the rumor all of Tuesday. report also had it too that the father, former president Jonathan too was also vacationing in Los Angeles.  learned that he plans to return to Nigeria later tonight via Germany, flying Lufthansa into Port Harcourt tomorrow.
It is not clear if this return was planned, or is due to the revelation by our publication of his whereabouts.  Earlier in the day, in a stunning announcement, President Buhari disclosed that western countries have signed up to help Nigeria recover its assets that were voraciously looted Mr. Jonathan. 


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