Ndigbo! Think And Wake Up From Slumber -------Nkwonta

Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta
Most times, I wonder almost in fantasy. As if removed from this immediate world, dreaming in my mind, how and why we still have not gotten it right.I do not really spend so much time thinking of myself and my personal worries, I take every day as it comes and apply my wisdom in dealing with lives' daily issues on daily basis.
I worry a lot more about us, the Igbo nation and why we do not seem to see what is happening to us individually and collectively. I wonder why our so called leaders have not been able to bring us all together as to deal with our issues from position of unity which is strength. I wonder why we have to be living in the mist of plenty and abundance and yet very hungry, why we are living in a nation that we are equal or better stakeholders yet we are treated worse than animals.
I wonder why the Igbo nation will still travel to different parts of this nation, toil day and night, sleep in gutters and under bridges with nothing. Eventually, we survive, only for us to abandon all those sweats and toiling because of one silly issue or the other. It is only the Igbo nation that has abandoned property in this country. I sometimes wonder what would be in the minds of our late fathers,Akanu Ibiam, Mbonu Ojike, M. I Okpara, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Osadebe and so many great leaders that we had, if we can ever get the opportunity of hearing from them, are we really making them proud, have we progressed as they had planned?.
Every time that I pick up my pen to write, I am always desperate to make the Igbo nation see what we are doing to ourselves. I do not think that I get anywhere, I do not know why. Sincerely, we all know that things are a lot worse today than it has always been, the entire society and system are going crazy and getting more desperate on daily basis. The values that were there have been consistently basterd-ized by some elements that never had values so could add nothing to us. The quality of people that are in charge of us all keep deteriorating on daily basis. the collective interest of Ndigbo keep becoming the interest of very desperate and wicked few. We all have suddenly became desperate that we are scrambling for little portions to eat, we have lost focus of the bigger picture.
So many people have made derogatory statements about us, we applaud them, some have gone far to abuse us, we keep calm, we are afraid in our territory. It has gone so bad that what we are almost mere crump beggars, we seem to have given up and accepted out faith.It is a great tragedy that an Igbo nation that parades the best brains in almost all areas have not had the simple intelligence of coming together to discuss us and how we can take care of us in one political entity called Nigeria.
Listen to the news, anytime someone is arrested for narcotics at the airports, it is us, money rules, nothing else matters.I have seen a few people with different qualities which if harnessed together, will change the world of the Igbo nation, but who will bow for who. The divide among us is too much that we do not need any outsider to break us, we are naturally broken.I weep in my soul, but I never lose hope completely, that is why I am  knocking, please let someone answer me.
We can blame anything and anyone for our problems, the truth is very clear, we are the architects of our problems. No one led us to where we are today, we led ourselves willing and happily, pursuing selfish interests, interests that have not benefited anyone. There is no human being that has all the attributes of God, we have to find a way to accommodate each other. We must find a way to identify and amplify our strengths as individuals and collectively and harness same for our collective well being. We must learn to ignore and tolerate our weaknesses, there is no human being that is perfect.
We must understand that if we do not put our house in order, no one will do that for us. We must understand that no individual makes a forest. I do not care what you think of yourself, if you are not using your strength for the collective interest of all of us, you are selfish and ignorant, our people answer "IGWEBUIKE" , the Igbo nation can never make any headway if we continue on the momentum that we are moving, it is nothing but self destruction. I have to keep knocking, till someone answers me. 0909 77 00000



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