Intellectuals Advcate For Overhauling of Nigeria's Value Ethcs, Political and Economic System

Former National President of the Academic Staff Union of University, Professor Dipo Fashina, has called for total overhauling of Nigeria’s value system and tasked all citizens across board on ethical revolution.

Speaking at the recent 2015 Annual Distinguished Lecture of Professor Fidelis Okafor Annual  International Lecture in Awka, tagged: ‘The Literati Philosophia: The Human Science/Humanities &The Recovery of Human Values For Social And Economic Development, disclosed that in moral and social philosophy, there are no final answers to the question of whether or not citizens have a legal right to revolution.

The Professor of Philosophy explained that the normative question is when and whether a revolution can be ethically justified.
According to him, “revolution is evidential turnaround and in political parlance, ordinarily suggests a forceful overthrow or a replacement of an established government or order, considered impervious in order to pave way for a favoured new system and a complete new order.

  In trying to understand or change or society, we must understand our value and where they came from and we must also know the fundamental features of our society, not leaving out our economic and political ideologies 

“One important ideological choice we are been forced to make, am not sure that our people have chosen it but it’s been forced on us, it is called; Global Liberalists Ideology; it is the ideology of global market mentalism, being everyday in the economy would be subject to the principle of Buying & Selling which is the major issue we are been confronted with now in our society “

He spoke further: It is national confidence that generate top class humanity, we must open new area in Africa’s philosophy, I want to pose the taught to the intellectual to know the level of our contribution to the nation humanist crisis, there are serious crisis, crisis of people too are been skeptical because about the state of the country because the intellectuals have not solve problems they ought to solve, what is the role that humanists are going to play and what are the historians going to do”.

“There are those who say the problem facing Nigeria is about restructuring, lets us restructure it, but on which principle? , as soon as you talk on the principle of restructuring, you then see people who are looking for advantages to please themselves, because I am not sure is an advantage to the people”.

“There are another set who say that the problem of Nigeria is not a matter of restructuring but there are a class of people who are ruling the country, what we needed is for us to understand, if we can get a genuine ideological basis for Nigeria, the people will unite, take over power  and do whatever is necessary to make Nigeria Work.”. He submitted.

Earlier in the lecture, the representative of the Host, the vice chancellor Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Professor Fidelis Okafor, Dr. O.S.A Obikeze charged leaders at all levels to institutionalised programmes that would restructure the nation’s eroding values to be at per with nations that were at Nigeria’s level in the 60s and 70s who are now among the top celebrated countries of the world.

He said; “we are saying that this topic is apt and I will urge the galaxy of intellectuals here gathered to come up with a unique theory that should be suggested to the new administration to set Nigeria on a pedestal of greatness”.

The 2nd Professor Fidelis Okafor International Lecture is one of the highest intellectual gatherings in the eastern part of Nigeria, where intellectuals across the country gather to deliberate on national issues and come up with a communiqué that is issued for national discuss.


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