Let The Wixked Try By Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta

I was woken up late last night by a phone call from a close friend I have not heard from for a while. This guy got a text that had some news, some bad news about the Governor that had my name to it. I became curious to know what it was, crazy talk of the insane, the same desperate old group and their desperate moves, a cheap move to sow a seed of mistrust. After my explaining the motive behind their evil intensions, my friend saw the cheap joke in the entire rubbish. I had not heard from my man for some months previous, so at least, the frustrated miscreants got us talking again.

Since then, I have had a few more phone calls from people of value, people that respect me, people that know what I stand for. People that know my values, my passion and commitment in my present responsibility as the Pastor of APGA in Anambra State.

The wicked felt that they had me, hahahahahahahahahaha.

The first move of this group was my invitation to their interactive session online, they could not nail me. They have been desperate looking for opportunity to get hold of me, nothing happened. They started making comments with my name on any issue at all, just to get me to step out of line, nkiti.

Reading my last posting on my series of open letters to Ndi Anambra, they felt they got something to work with, with two hands and their brain-dead heads, they grabbed it and ran with it.

The wicked text exposed something to me, the desperate disposition of these nasty beings, animals that will stop at nothing to pull down Anambra State, tufiakwa!!!!!! Anambra State, the only working State in the entire nation today due to the novel abilities of our hard working, resilient, courageous and consistent Governor, Akpokuodike Ndigbo.

In my humble self, they see an obstacle that MUST be removed so that they can have access to attack the Governor and government of Anambra State. I was told that some of these guys are not from Anambra State, what then is their interest if not to destroy and walk away, they do not have any stake.

Their tactics, an old trick of sowing a seed of doubt in the mindset of the Principal i.e. the Governor, raising issues on my capacity and giving the in-house threatened a lead to encourage the Governor to cut me down to size. Their aim for this text could have worked with person of less exposure but not with the experiences of Akpokuo in corporate world and presently mucky waters of politics. Without any iota of doubt in my mind, Akpokuo understands and appreciates my commitment to my duties, as for hurting me, hahahahaha.

What these heartless beings have succeeded in doing as far as I can see is to expose their evil agenda, as desperados, they have shown that they are not decent people one deals with wearing kids glove, they are not reasonable. They are like armed robbers, not minding what they do to get what they want.

The good news for Ndi Anambra and the bad bad news for the blackmailers, I am now reinvigorated and over-determined to show them the stuff that I am made of.

I want to say this to the wicked whoever they are and where ever they are, it will be easy for an elephant to go through the eyes of a needle than for you to take control of Anambra State. His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano will finish his first tenure, run for second tenure, win it, finish it and determine who becomes the next Governor after him as he moves over to the centre. If you like, put your head on a rail line, you all will see it happen. It will be so because God has ordained it.

We are moving away from politics of blackmail and intimidation to politics of ideas and achievements, politics of superior logic. Akpokuo as we are talking has enough achievements, legacy achievements to secure his second term. No amount of intimidation or blackmail can stop this, Ndi Anambra are not stupid.

Akpokuo is working for us, I am, in my little way telling it to the people as it is, the wicked cannot shut me up.

God in heaven that has consistently answered Ndi Anambra will answer us again.

Let the wicked criticise me on the facebook pages or anywhere they want, I will never reply them, I shall keep using my time judiciously in telling Ndi Anambra the truth, what Akpokuodike Ndigbo Global, His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano is doing, raising the right issues and promoting our great party APGA.

For the text message, let them send more, it is their cash.

This is a personal reply.

I salute the righteous.

Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta


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