Online Publishers Charge To Sustain Professionalism Virtues

Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Anambra state council, Comrade Henry Nwasike has urged online publishers to ensure they infuse professionalism in the discharge of their duties, which is gradually becoming the future of information dissemination network

He urged practitioners to ensure credibility of production is instilled in order to secure the future of online media in the country.
 Comrade Nwasike gave the charge in Awka, while speaking to members of Anambra state online publishers, on the sideline of familiarization visit of the group to the state council of the NUJ.

He said the call for credibility in online media was to ensure that the sector was not flooded by biased publishers.

“I need to urge your group to ensure you employ professionalism in the discharge of your adopted duty, I have seen many people who have taken to using this medium as an instrument of vendetta and attack on personalities, which ought not to be seen among professionals”

“My advice will always be that this idea will always have my support anytime. Anyday, if only you abide by the dictate that protects journalism profession and ensure you do not cause disharmony in the public with despicable information garbage into the internet”.

He assured of his support to always identify with the union but frowned at the mode of carrying out their operation without regulation to the detriment of innocent people in the society.

He advised members to do more on educating the populace who should be more aware of the internet services, and urged  journalists to embrace the medium where he feels would inject core professionals to take over the online information mechanism.

“ Like your chairman had rightly pointed out, people  will just sit in the comfort of their homes and start sending all sought of negative information, attacking the government and even personalities, all because the medium is free and it has no regulation that control what is  sent to the net. I would recommend that your team should ensure the unregulated aspect of the internet business in looked into for the interest of the people and the citizenry”.

Earlier at the meeting, the chairman, Anambra Online Publisher, Comrade Bamidele Ajayi had requested the cooperation of the Anambra state Nigeria Union of Journalists to carry out their operations in the state unhindered.

He solicited for the support of the council to see the quality of personnel that have so-far indicated interest to be a member and express hope that the union will always project the interest of the state in the positive light to the international communities.


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