I met my dad for the first time at seven – Cynthia Morgan

Popular dancehall singer, Cynthia Morgan, in a chat with Saturday Beats, revealed that the first time she laid eyes on her father was when she turned seven years.

The delectable singer said that although she did not grow up with her father, she made the best of the situation by determining to be a success in life and make her mother proud.

She said, “The first time I met my father was when I was seven years old and I know what it feels like. There is the psychological effect that comes with growing up without your parents together as a kid. It is only few people like me that came out normal and I became determined to be successful in life so as to make my mother proud. Some people use that as an escape to be wayward and turn out to be a single parent just like their mothers who gave birth to them. They forget that no woman wishes to be a single parent if they really knew what they were going into. Everyone wants the best for their kids and having a father is one of those things.”

Taking a trip down memory lane, she recalled how bad she felt whenever her friends’ parents came to visit them in school and how her peers talked about the places they visited during vacations in school.

“Those days in school, parents came to pick their kids and my friends often told me how they went on vacation with their parents. I felt bad because I didn’t have such experience. It is only few kids who experienced what I did that would understand because it goes a long way in shaping one’s life even when you become an adult. You feel alone and lost. This is as serious as rape, child abuse and domestic violence. I have met a couple of young people who told me they won’t get married; they just want to have babies. This is actually what prompted me into writing the song, Baby Mama,” she said.


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