Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta
In Igbo land, names a given with due consideration to the circumstance surrounding the coming of a child or the better expectations of the parents in the future. In the same vein, titles are given with due consideration to the disposition of the individual, what one has done for the community and how one is perceived. It is not possible in Igbo tradition for one to be bestowed with a name like  "Onapuluagunma", the man that collected the knife from the hands of a tiger when the person concerned is a mere achiever. In the same vein, Aguleri people could not have bestowed a title like "Akpokuodike ozaa" on an effeminate.

Akpokuodike is a title that Governor Willie Obiano has had for a long while before becoming our Governor. Akpokuodike meaning the strong man that the people call upon in the time of need and he responds, it is not an easy title viewed from all angles.
My take is that Chief Dr. Willie Obiano must have responded to the needs of Aguleri people several times before meriting such honour. For me, it is a clear attestation of a man with CONSISTENCY of character in dealing with the issues that bother his people.
Bringing this same disposition to the State of Anambra and Ndigbo, one can see the wisdom in the decision of the former leaders of our great party to bring in such great responder to the worries and needs of his people to come in and deal with the needs of Ndi Anambra. Governor Willie Obiano has consistently proven himself in his approach to the developmental strides of our dear State.
Today, we have security, investors are coming in, there are set out policies and guidelines for any business or investor interested in dealing with Anambra. There is sanity in governance and the system is flowing with much ease today. Any lapse can be easily detected and corrected because the chain is transparent. For so many to have an understanding of what I am saying, one needs to be involved in dealing with government agencies.
I had mentioned security casually but I want to emphasise that the security situation in Anambra today is second to none in the entire nation, thanks to Akpokuodike Ozaa Ndigbo. If it is not for the clear wisdom God bestowed on this great courageous and proud son of Igbo nation to identify that security is the pivot that will drive every other thing in this State, we could not have achieved all that we have in less than two years.
We are very mindful of the confusion in the State and the frustrations of the former administrations due to the insecurity. Ndi Anambra were not coming home and investments were nowhere, today we are grateful to God that the story is changing, Anambra is the first choice investment option for local and international investors, thanks to the warrior that Ndi Anambra called upon in our time of need and he answered.
Negative criticism cannot stop or deter a good man, Governor Willie Obiano has played well above board within two years and still working.
This is not the time for praise but a time to encourage the visionary leadership of Anambra State under Akpokuodike to do more.
I want to remind all of us that there is more in a name especially when it is a title that was bestowed on a person by his community, the people chose carefully to suit the individual.
Willie Obiano answered the Aguleri people in their times of needs, it will not be different for Ndi Anambra.
Chief Dr. Willie Obiano, Akpokuodike Anambra, we are in support of you, may your enemies that are the enemies of Ndi Anambra fail, we MUST succeed better under your tenure in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen.
I salute you all.



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