Former APC Assembly Member Throws Weight Behind Senator Ekwunife's Ambition

                                                 WHO IS AFRAID OF EKWUNIFE?.
I have observed with dismay the number of people who criticize the recent decamping of Uche Ekwunife from PDP. Some even antagonize the APC for "accepting" Ekwunife. Haba. Some

unnecessarily call her terrible names. Too bad. I shudder at the myopism of many commentators who (compared to Ekwunife) have not even started crawling in life. Take it or leave it, this woman has achieved exploits on this earth and has written her name in the sands of time. Can u name the big fishes of Anambra/Nigerian politics without mentioning her? Its her efforts biko. "She galivants from party to party" they say, instead of saying "She succeeds from party to party". Nwata chuba nke ya, odika omelu ajo ife. For every objective mind, Ekwunife has been a successful politician. Dont ask me how she made it, because "nobody holy". Do not also judge her here because in her position and faced with the same circumstance, u may do worse. Her morality?.. Leave that for God to judge because "Onwero onye di nma na azu". The step she just took was another bold good step in certainly the right direction. U may understand this as time goes on. Most importantly, It's her decision and she is entitled to it. Much as it would be good to remain in one party forever, it is not out of place to leave a party when there is reason to. It is not a crime to decamp from your party for as many times as u have reason to. The freedom of association is enshrined in our Constitution. Some people talk about principles and I ask "How principled are the people talking about principles?". A closer look at most of the anti-Ekwunife posters will simply reveal her opponents (Apga, Remnants of Anambra PDP who didn't leave with her and envious fellows who want her to fail). Most social commentators here are not going to vote in Anambra central like me.

The famous Bob Marley said "It is better to live on the house top than in a house full of confusion". If Ekwunife decided that PDP is full of confusion and moves to APC, what is wrong with that? She won't be the first neither will she be the last. How many politicians in Nigeria have NOT moved from a party to another. It's part of the growth process in a society ladden with ambitious people. It's high time we started looking at personal capacity and achievements to judge people. Political parties are what they are... Platforms. If the platform becomes oppressive, offensive and outrightly intimidating to a member, is it not safer to exit? Ekwunife and many more decampees of other parties are welcome to APC in Anambra and Nigeria as a whole. Its a free world. Ofcourse there are other Central Senatorial ticket contenders in the APC and the fairest thing to do is to wish Ekwunife all the best in the APC primaries. One thing is sure, someone, somewhere, somehow.., is afraid of Uche Ekwunife.


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