PRESS RELEASE: Umeh’s second false claim of Ngige’s endorsement criminal, unsenatorial-APC---RAW

Our attention has been drawn to some photographs posted at various paes on facebook.where Senator Chris Ngige and Mr Victor Umeh were pictured together in a funeral ceremony.
However, rather than caption the photograph in truth, one Charles Ifeanyi Obi, the executioner in this criminal venture masterminded by Umeh , claimed it was an endorsement by Senator Chris Ngige for Mr Umeh, an impossibility never contemplated by the APC leader in Anambra State whose major ppreoccupation is to get Ndigbo into the ruling APC Senate Caucus of the Senate, however it is done.
That ordinary condolence meeting can be twisted in the format that Charles Ifeanyi Obi has done leaves a credibility gap that suits the mode of operation of the candidate claiming endorsement without merit.

This is the second time in one month that this kind of criminal activity is being undertaken in the Internet for the same questionable candidate, by elements of the same party and using the well earned name of a leader who has made sacrifices and continues to make, for the progress of Ndigbo,unlike Umeh.
Only recently, one Toochukwu Okeke slammed another set of photographs taken together with Umeh and other opponents ,by a liberal Ngige in pursuit of the 2013 Gubernatorial post election litigation and was so condemned before they were pulled out.
On one hand we are happy that Ngige’s name is being thrown around in the name of endorsement he did not do, because only credible names can be so used. However, we think that given the general understanding to clean up the politics of the South East, cheap lies emanating from the camp of Mr Umeh should not be allowed to penetrate the psyche of our people , as other foul activities from the same source have.
We recall with pain that Umeh prepared the grounds for Anambra State House of Assembly elections to be rigged and benefitted financially from the racket. Umeh also coordinated the appointment of ‘so called’ caretaker committees in place o conducting elections in the local government, just to use the local government funds with Gov Willie Obiano in perverting Anambra Central fresh election.
Ngige certainly will not like to identify with these mentioned iniquities and others too unprintable to be mentioned in the mass media.

Consequently we demand that Mr. Charles Ifeanyi Obi removes these offending photographs IMMEDIATELY and apologise jointly or severally with Mr. Victor Umeh on this precipitate sin against the interest of the South East Geo Political zone.
APC will explore all legal and legitimate options to claim damages on this presumptuous, criminal libel of a post, if this deliberate and criminal misinformation is not redressed as stated within 24 hours.
Once again we urge Ndi Anambra to look away from crooked candidates, driven my personal pursuits and see how to redress the non-inclusion of any Igbo man in the ruling caucus of the Senate by voting for APC and its candidate, Barr. Sharon Ikeazor , WHO ENJOYS THE FLUID SUPPORT OF SENATOR CHRIS NGIGE, in the larger group interest of Ndigbo.
Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary


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