University Don Calls For Construction Of Film Village in South East, Nigeria

The Vice Chancellor of the Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Professor Joseph Okafor has called on government of all tiers to see to the actualization of a film village for the south east, been a project that will serve as one of the instruments to be use to preserve Igbo cultural heritage.
He said though the project is long overdue but urged government and private individuals to  mop-up resources to see to the realization of the project.

He stated the at the COOU cultural day celebration, organized by the school department of art and culture in Igbariam, stressed the need for Igbo culture and language to be preserved.
The university don lamented about the people approach towards their culture and language, which according to him is gradually eroding, while western culture and language is what the people are now celebrating.
Proressor Okafor  urged parents and guardians to ensure  the sustainability of Igbo language is taken as a priority.
He said : “Film village Is actually overdue because, if you look at movies that depicts various social-cultural problems and moral problems in Nigeria, featured in the films, and there are means through which we can teach our children what is able and what is good”.
“So if government supports the film village, production of the films will be easier and people will be able to their and more production will happen and it will encourage moral lesson in the public”.
“I want to call on government of all tiers in the south east and beyond, not leaving out private investors to ensure that south east get at least one film village, where it culture and tradition will be promoted.
“The construction of such project in the south east is long overdue and I urge all and sundry to contribute to the actualization of this dream project for south east, its indeed overdue for us to have a film community our own we will call film village, where tourists will come to watch and will be taught our language and culture ”. He added. 


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