We read with utter amusement the moves by a faction of the disorganised and disillusioned PDP in Anambra State led by Chief Tony Nwoye to reform and take over the realms of governance in our
dear State. It is amusing clearly from the point that PDP still has not come to terms with its demise, not just in the entire nation but mostly in the South East and Anambra in particular.

As we pity Chief Tony Nwoye and his pocket of followers, it is important that we in the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA remind him that APGA as a political party saved Ndi Anambra from the complete and utter embarrassment that they had thrown Anambra during the turbulent periods that PDP was in charge of this State.
But for the rescue mission of APGA government for the past six years and more, there would not have been a peaceful, secure, industrialised and upwardly mobile State like we have today.
Anambra State, under the working Governor, Willie Obiano, Akpokuodike Ndigbo has made tremendous progress in all facets of development. Today, Ndi Anambra can proudly say anywhere that we have a State and a working Governor, a State that is directional with reformatory ideas, a State where there is hope and opportunities for all and a State where we are safe. Anambra State
has never witnessed the levels of industrialisation and infrastructural developments as we are witnessing today.
PDP has been nonexistent in Anambra for the past nine years and more purely because of their lack of direction and destructive agenda for Ndi Anambra.
Our people know the difference between real and fake, we have tasted the two, PDP and now APGA, we are very pleased with APGA. 
Ndi Anambra have no other political agenda than to keep supporting the working government of Governor Obiano and APGA as to keep getting more dividends of democracy. Willie is working and we are happy.
Chief Tony Nwoye should be advised to throw his support behind his hard working brother that is our  Governor as to achieve more. There is no amount of restructuring that he tries to bring into the PDP that shall wake the dead, PDP is dead and that is final.
Let no one be deceived on what the future holds for Ndi Anambra.APGA shall grow from strength to strength and in no distant time, shall become the main opposition party in this nation. The reason for
this is simple, we have a new National team that is proven, visionary, determined, creative and committed. No other political party can boast of these qualities in this nation today.

Let Chief Tony Nwoye stop the beating about the bush and join APGA today, he will do better politically. This is the olive branch offer from us in the APGA family, it will make sense for Chief Tony Nwoye to heed to this advice, meanwhile may the final soul of PDP in Anambra rest in peace.

Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta

State Publicity Secretary, APGA


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