Clergy Sues For Sincere Fight Against Corruption & Call For Stable Power Supply

The Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Rev. Paulinous Eze Okafor has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to prioritize  the  fixing  of the national power supply and adopt sincere onslaught against corruption as the  ban of any meaning economic development.
He stated this at a media briefing to mark this year Nigeria 55th independence anniversary, said nation development would not be complete without adequate power supply and virile political will to fight corruption.

‘’ One the Issue of the state of or economy to grow, I will want the federal government to take very seriously the issue of power, there is no way we can move any inch without power in Nigeria

If you don’t have power there no message you want to preach to Nigerians that will sink into our ears, all what we need is power.

I remember. The former administration told us what it will take the administration to fix power and mention amount of money it will take, they stayed there for many years, and they told us the much spent without telling us the work done, because what we want is power 

Nigerians are interested in having this LIGHT, even if it matter cutting down other expenses to make sure he fix light issue for Nigerians, because, once it is there, jobs will come up.

I want the government to give us light, once they give it to us , let them leave the rest to us as a nation and I see no reason why that can not be done, the money is there’’.

The clergy extolled the virtue asserted to fight Boko Haram insurgent by the President Buhari led administration and urged him to extend such strength to other zones of the country with related insecurity challenges.

Bishop Okafor faulted approach by successive government in handling the issue of federal roads  maintenance and repair and  other frastructural development accrued to  South Eastern part on Nigeria but  called for probe of previous contracts awarded in the zone which will drive a new dawn for fresh contract awards to the South East.

‘’ I also want to federal government to look at corruption, because  I think the ban of all thing is this corruption’.

‘Today NNPC did this and that, you are getting wealth, you did not know what you get per a day. How can you run such a system you not know the number of barrels you produce, people are stealing left right and centre , so if you check all these, the President has been talking of fighting corruption, I want him to act fast to combat the menace’.

‘He should not be mindful of opposition, because the decay has been on for long, but countries did ot and they are now enjoying it now, he should be ready to face strong opposition.

‘’ When we talk of Enugu Onistha express way we are not happy at all.

‘The federal roads in the country, at least this part of the country, it has been a perennial problem’.

‘Sometimes, you do not know who is fooling who, sometimes you will her that thy want to invite Julius Berger to construct roads here and our own people will say they prefer a certain company to carry out the construction works’.

‘All said and done, if the government has the will they can take a stand on who to give the  job when and how, because at the end of the day it’s the federal government that would be blamed where it partin to federal roads and federal facilities’.

‘The other day, we went to Port HARCOURT for a meeting, it was a terrible  grid lock on the way, if you move through Aba, no way, if you move through Elele no way. Every road was blocked completely’.

‘Unfortunately,  from same Elele. To Rivers state was completed but our own from there to Imo state was there seeking attention to be fixed’.

‘One is not very happy the state of our federal road but the state ones is very wonderful.  But the state road here are wonderful, neatly fix, especially the roads here in Anambra state’. .

He lamented about the decay experienced in the nation aviation sector, called for a holistic overhaul of the sector to restore the depreciating glory back as other countries of Africa are currently enjoying.

‘When they talk of National carrier, this is a shame that a country like Nigeria has no national carrier. because if I want to travel I must go through another country first, if you want to use British Airways, you must go to Britain first before you go to your destination, if you also choose KLM or LUFTHANSA, you will just first go to Germany of Holland before you continue you journey. Even Namibia has a national airline, and a country like Nigeria does not have a national carrier yet.’’ He lamented.


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