Anambra will no longer tolerate PDP’s multiple candidature- APC

Our party is glad at the incremental progress made so far in the clean-up of elections conducted particularly in Anambra State and generally in Nigeria.

We are therefore as worried as Anambra Central constituents and the rest of Anambra State sympathizers that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which lost all the aptitude to be run as a political party is once again returning to its degenerate ways of unleashing multiple candidates in one race as a fowl winning strategy.
The last we checked, there were about four members of the PDP, a party with two parallel incomplete executives claiming to be the candidate of the party in the deferred Anambra Central Senatorial elections.

These include, a parallel candidate in the MARCH 28, 2015 election recently set outside contention by the Supreme Court, his towns man with the same surname, another that shares the same surname with the first two who is in the Federal High Court Abuja seeking to be declared candidate and yet another total stranger to the process who sought without success to be joined in the suit from the third candidate on March 9, 2016.

This shall not be tolerated by our party, Anambra Central voters and the relevant authorities connected with the election, even if extra-ordinary measures within the law are required to get their job done.

APC will take all legitimate steps to project that Anambra Central is a civilized constituency which shall not be overrun by the brigandage flowing from one unruly party that has never served the interest of the people.

Consequently APC makes one last appeal in the interest of anything PDP leaders in Anambra State worship that they should for once disappoint those who have predicted with accuracy that PDP will have plural candidates in this strategic race, by getting indoors for a meeting or at least conducting primaries.

This we reason is the only way the issue of who the candidate of PDP is will remain a PDP.

Otherwise , as a responsible political party desirous to take a peaceful Ndigbo who land are at peace and who register well in the minds of right-thinking people to the ruling caucus in the Senate we shall employ all means within the law and legitimacy to thwart this overstretch  of tolerance.

We urge INEC to standby to exclude the party PDP, on that which is expressly provided for by the Electoral Act – to wit : ‘… there shall only be one candidate for one political party in an election within one constituency.”, if at the time prescribed by law, before the new date for the election, the party is unable to arrive at one candidate.

We urge Ndi Etiti Anambra (Anambra Central Senatorial District) to on their own vote out PDP for undemocratic conduct and vote overwhelmingly for APC in order to partake in major decisions concerning the country, through the platform of a national political party that cares and has majority of seats in the National Assembly.

Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary


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