APC has no hand in PDP crisis

We refer to adverse comments generated within the interactive breakfast programme of Odenigbo 99.1 FM Studios Obosi, Anambra State this morning, June 8, 2015 and note that All Progressives Congress (APC) has no business with the PDP crisis of multiple factionalisation.

As a party, APC currently too committed to repairing the damage caused by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in governance and and its members outside government are too busy coping with sacrifices required by dedicated membership to accede to the maintenance of a  skeletal government, to rebuild the nation to  bother with the misfortunes of any other party.

It is common knowledge that by virtue of his prime position in the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) , one of the legacy parties that combined to form APC, Senator  Ali Modu Sherriff  was supposed to be in the APC. 

However, like a few others who could not make the required sacrifice, for APC to hit it desired objectives, Sherriff decamped to the PDP ending his relationship with our party. That was two years ago.

Therefore it is highly uncharitable antithetical for anyone to suggest that APC would sponsor the said Sheriff ,apparently to destabilize what was already been in a state of self-destabilization.

If any destabilization has taken place at all, it must be traced to those loquacious governors, who having left issues of governance to parrot inanities on a daily basis, have loudly proclaimed their choice of Sheriff ,even while objections from some structures within their party was in the public domain. 

When those scenes of chest-beating were alluded to APC sponsorship. But when incongruence of egos leads to an avoidable blow-out the name APC gets thrown into the air, by the same persons who would ascribe conceding a lost election to heroism and sacrifice, against thegrain of facts in public glare.

It therefore stands to reason that any vainglorious attempt to divert attention from the root of and attention on the route out of the PDP quagmire must exclude a focused party like APC, which is preoccupied with making a great nation out of Nigeria; a nation where brigandage and lack of respect of rules even within organizations aspiring to lead or influence policies will be an aberration.

We emphatically state that the PDP is responsible for her own headaches and must locate all their headaches from within, because APC has since moved on, happy with the opposition being provided by other civil society elements and members of the Nigerian society with critical minds, in absence of any real opposition platform beyond labels.

For the avoidance of doubt, the general public should take note that there is not truth in this claim from PDP and their supporters in the Odenigbo 99.1 fm Parliament .We thank the management of Odenigbo 99.1 fm for this wonderful programme and trust that many more Nigerians particularly from the South East and South South zones will find avenues of expression in the programme.

Okelo Madukaife
Anambra State Publicity Secretary
June 8, 2016, Awka


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