Re: Peter Obi's prodigal sons and their industries of lies--APGA PRO Nkwonta

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I read with complete shock and dismay, an article on Total Politics by Clem Aguiyi captioned "PeterObi's prodigal sons and their industries of lies" in the Saturday Sun of July 9th, page 22.
My interest was first aroused because of the writer that is a man I have known for a while but the use of prodigal sons on a publication mentioning the former Governor increased my curiosity.
It is a tragedy as far as I am concerned when persons that have never been in positions of leadership write with such reckless mannerism not minding the implications of their statements on the leaders and the led. The debris of irresponsible statements and actions are left at the door steps of our elected leaders as we walk home, nonchalant but maliciously conscious of the damages we have caused. It
was an outright calculated mischievous move to cause maximum damage. A wickedly intention to sow a bad seed that potentially can upturn the efforts of the State Government for more than two years especially in the area of security which has created the stable and enabling environment that has been attracting investments into our dear State, a calculated stick of destructive spanners into the will of progress of our dear State as visioned and led by Dr. Willie Obiano.
This publication by Mr. Clem Aguiyi is a very irresponsible write-up at this time that the Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Willie Obiano is diplomatically managing the delicate security situation that exists in our State and the suspicion between the youths of the South East,  the military and other forces as it concerns the unfortunate situation of the shootings at Nkpor. For Clem Aguiyi to start talking about this unfortunate incident weeks after occurrence is a calculated mischief not to allow the sleeping dog to rest.
Mr. Aguiyi in his article wickedly implied that Governor Willie Obiano is anti Igbo, what a fallacy and what a wickedness.
Let me first of all tell Mr. Aguiyi that he does not possess the necessary qualifications to advise the Governor on which roles to play. Aguiyi as far as I know has never been a Councillor talk-less of a State House of Assembly member, on what basis then will he stand his assumed advise to Governor Obiano. On what foundation then did he write an open letter to the Governor that he must allow space for the party to grow. I have taken time to check with the local ward Chairman of Mr. Clem Aguiyi, he has never been a member of APGA.
Raising the issue of N75 Billion is merely being mischievous, like a goat that is used to chewing cord, Mr. Aguiyi needed to regurgitate enough grounds to beef up his favour seeking, a mindless and insensitive sycophantic approach founded on greed and carelessness.
I want to remind Aguiyi, as if he does not know that Dr. Willie Obiano is very appreciative of the fact that very robust purse was available for him as he took off. I want to remind Mr. Aguiyi that Dr, Willie Obiano is mindful of the fact that he was elected Governor of Anambra State purely on the performance credentials of Governor Obi and the massive support that APGA Government enjoyed from Ndi Anambra all over the world. For uncountable times, Governor Obiano has expressed his gratitude to Governor Obi for finding him worthy to be chosen to run for an election at the time in Anambra.
Mr. Clem Aguiyi needs to be reminded that Governor Obiano has consistently said in many public foray that the only issue he has with former Governor Obi is his leaving APGA. He has always described it as someone sending someone on an errand with a bag of salt, the same time causing the rain to fall on him, how then do we reconcile the insinuation raised in this article by Mr. Aguiyi that Governor Obiano immediately after being sworn in wanted to be APGA leader?
I want to remind Mr. Aguiyi that Dr. Obiano was not actively involved in politics prior to his nomination and subsequent election as our Governor, it is then absurd to insinuate that Dr. Obiano in advance was hungry for a meal he has never tasted.
On the arrest of Chief Sir Victor Umeh by the DSS and exploitation of the Biafran sentiment, Clem Aguiyi has concerted to the fact that Ohamadike is a full fledged Igbo man who has always stood for the concerns of Ndigbo.
If Aguiyi must be told, Governor Obiano and the Government of Anambra State are not bothered about statements individuals make so far they are not undermining the efforts and the officials of the State Government, Our Party or our Governor and his family, it is therefore of no consequence and of no interest to us.
I had granted a published interview in the Mirror newspapers and had dealt with the issue of stoning. I made it clear, as the spokesperson of APGA in Anambra State that our party embedded in the cultures, traditions and customs of Ndigbo does not preach or support the stoning of our leaders for whatever reason. Our prayer as in the story of the lost sheep in the bible, in our case, the lost sheep not being just an ordinary sheep but the leading sheep, is that Governor Obi realises his mistakes, retraces his steps and comes back home to the political party, so peaceful and in harmony with our people that gave him maximum coverage, spiritually and physically to work and achieve for Ndi Anambra for eight years. For as long as Governor Obi remains in PDP, a party that chased away its founders and since have been embroiled in numerous confusions, he can never regain his political values. It is deceitful and cheap for Mr. Aguiyi to suggest that Governor Obi was forced out of APGA because Dr. Willie Obiano wanted to be the leader.
Mr. Aguiyi went on a journey to remind us of our own son, how quintessential Obi is and his not needing any introduction, has Mr. Aguiyi forgotten that Governor Obi earned that reputation when he was still a part and parcel of the APGA family. The reputation that he enjoys today which we are all proud of were earned in APGA, with due respect, since our brother, Governor Obi joined PDP, can Aguiyi tell us one value that has been added to his credibility if not dragging him up and down Nigeria in different factions of confusion , PDP can never change.
Having said all these, the issue here is not to question Governor Obi's Igbo-ness but let me quickly remind Mr. Aguiyi that it is Governor Willie Obiano that organised and hosted the final funeral of our brothers and sisters killed during the Nigerian/Biafran war as to rest their wondering souls, no one was able to do that before then.
Governor Willie Obiano from inception left no one in doubt of what he came to do, he came to transform the lives of Ndi Anambra and Ndigbo for the better.
Dr, Obiano gave us sense of passion and commitment with Anambra Anthem, he gave us an identity with Anambra logo, he has given us confidence as Ndigbo in all that he has done, he could not have been building such great houses to destroy them.
Mr. Clem Aguiyi should forget his cheap approach to blackmail, it cannot work. If he is interested in getting anything from Governor Obi, Obi being a very discerning man should know that if he is interested in hiring any media consultant, that person certainly will not be Mr. Clem Aguiyi, he will end up creating more problems for Okwute Ndigbo.
I think as it is, Clem Aguiyi has done very badly as a Media rep, he should apologise to Governor Obi, Chief Sir Victor Umeh, Governor Willie Obiano, Ndi Anambra and Ndigbo for exploiting our pains and wanton to make personal gains out of it.
Until he does that, the gods of our land will be looking at him with the side of the eyes.
As for me, I shall do my best to support our own APGA, God forbid that long throat shall make me to sell my people.
I rest my pen Umu Igbo.

Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta
State Publicity Secretary, APGA



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