No rivalry between Frank Edwards and me –Joe Praize

Even as Frank Edwards and Joe Praize are among the top gospel artistes in the country, Joe Praize has said they are not in any form of competition.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the gospel singer said he doesn’t see Edward as a rival in any way.

“If there is any form of rivalry, I would tell you. If an artiste is doing well, you must appreciate him or her. You must also acknowledge the fact that God has given you a voice that is being heard around the world. If you throw the same question to Frank, he might answer you the way I do.

 “I am not threatened or disturbed by what others do. I celebrate the grace of God upon our lives as singers. The truth is that everyone cannot be the head and everybody cannot be the leg. We are all doing the same work, but using different tools. The fans love us and I am glad for that,” he said.

Talking about how he became a gospel singer, Praize said he is first of all a Christian before a gospel singer.

“I have been a born-again Christian for over two decades and I was so fulfilled singing in the choir. I can only say God brought me into music because there was no trait of it in my family. After I got involved in music, my younger ones are now showing interest. But I try to encourage them to go school before they start talking about music.”

Even though his songs are popular, Praize admitted that many people have yet to reconcile his face with his songs.

“It is not about the face but the impact, though it is necessary to match the face with the popularity because of what we do. I receive messages from people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily. Few days ago, I got a message from Haiti. I cannot be everywhere, but I am happy that my songs meet the need of people across the globe,” he said.

No matter how many people think gospel music is not as commercially viable as secular music; Praize said he is not into music because of financial gains.

“To be very honest with you, gospel music is so different from any other kinds of music. It is a calling, but it doesn’t mean we do not share the same studios with the secular acts. We also use the same platforms to promote our songs. But we have a different mindset. As a gospel singer, you are after touching lives while the other singers want to make money. But God takes care of us. He ensures that the necessary programmes come our way for us to take care of our logistics. When it comes to gospel music, you must put God first. Of course, if you work for God, God will definitely pay your bills. That is what I hold on to,” he said.


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