Team Obiano: With Willie... We're Moving Forward in Anambra State

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Welcome Address Delivered by the Senior Special Assistant to Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra State on Social Media, Rtn Ifeanyi ANIAGOH during the official Unveiling of Team Obiano, the Online Fan Base of Chief Obiano on Friday, September 23, at Havila Suites, Awka.
It is a great honour to be standing here today, being that it's a privilege to address this gathering of honourable beings.

I appreciate the presence of the governor of Anambra State ably represented by the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Communications Strategy, Ogbuefi Tony Nnacheta... Welcome sir.

I also recognize all members of the Information Management Team of the government.

Please permit me to stand on the existing protocol.

I'm already overwhelmed by the level of attendance to this event.

We are not merely putting on uniforms... we are members of a team that have resolved not to stop what we are doing on the social media until Chief Willie Obiano is returned as governor of Anambra State for 2nd term.

What we are wearing is not a uniform that will be taken away tomorrow. What we are putting on is a trademark that says we have started a good journey.

There is going to be lots of uniforms, lots of tags, thousands of identities, lots of things that will show the world that Gov Willie Obiano remains the best governor for Anambra State.

Today, we have done something that has once again renewed my belief on the person of Apkokuedike... And when I look at you, the number of persons, your quality and colourful dresses, I feel humbled.

What am I saying? All of you sitting here, one way or the other, have worked with us on the internet for more than two years now... Voluntarily!

People have criticized you, your spouses have complained about the time you spend on your phones and gadgets... Your friends have vexed because you no longer have their time.

But you stuck with the performing governor of Anambra State... Via the cyberspace, you have promoted his laudable achievements and defended his person, family and policies.

It's note worthy that I didn't persuade anyone here to support Gov Willie Obiano before you all started supporting him.

I came on board and I saw that you are the champion of the social media with strong believe in Gov Willie Obiano and undivided love for Anambra State.

By being here, you all have given me reasons to respect you more. I am saying this because I have not given you a dime... People have accused you of taking money from us to support the governor but we have not given you any kobo.

I say this because you do what you do because you know what you believe in and what you believe in is what is making Anambra State move forward.... And what is making Anambra move forward are the actions and laudable achievements of Chief Willie Obiano, the Executive Governor of Anambra State.

I came on board and saw that you are doing the right thing that will give Anambra and Ndi-Anambra the best of the future... and I said we can actually do this together.

So, you are here today because you and I believe that together we can move forward.

On the social media, we have 3 handles in the trend. One trended and is dying off. Another is trending to die off soon but we have one that has started trending to remain steady as we continue #MovingForward.

We have those who said that they are going to correct the mistakes they made. We agree with them. If you have made mistakes in the past, it's highly progressive that you correct the errors and start #MovingForward.

One mistake they have made is not to have supported the election of Chief Willie Obiano in 2013... Those who did, weren't total in their support. By 2017, all the Correction team can only correct their mistakes by giving total support to the Willingly Working Willie.

Then, we have people who said that their brains are shackled and desire to be unshackled. We agree with them because if you have a brain that is not properly unshackled, you cannot move forward with the progressives.

You can’t understand how Chief Willie Obiano is expanding the frontiers of excellence in Anambra State with unshackled brains... So they need the brain to be unshackled by those in that project.

Then, we have this team that says Anambra must move forward. A team of young men, progressives, who believe in the leadership of Gov Willie Obiano.

If you are with us in Team Moving Forward let me see you stand... Rounds of applause for yourselves!

As we head into the next gubernatorial election in our dear State, the Correction2017 Team will correct their mistakes and join us; the Unshakable the Brain Project will get their brains properly unshackled to become progressives; and together with WILLIE, we shall continue #MovingForward.

Team Obiano has a mentor in our governor. We have a great father in Gov Willie Obiano, yes a father of two... Our Mentor is a great husband to a wonderful lady.

I am talking about a mother who has used her position as the wife of the governor to touch the lives of many persons who are living with disabilities.

A lot of persons who do not believe that they can ever go to school again... Lots of wives who lost their husbands and never believed they could get help as widows... Through CAFE, Osodieme has wiped their tears.

I am talking about no other person than Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano, Osodieme... Please a standing ovation for her!

The truth is, for the first time in the history of our politics, we have a team of social media dwellers who have come together as united volunteers to say our governor is doing well and we are going to support him.

Ladies and gentlemen with all due respect, let me pause here to say that Gov Willie Obiano would have been here in person if not for a pressing engagement outside the State.

I am not mincing words to say that he is the number one social media governor... He spends quality time online and knows many of us by our names.

We are here to formally unveil Team Obiano. Team Obiano can not be one or two persons. Team Obiano can not be a hundred or a thousand persons.

Team Obiano represents all the persons in the cyber space who believe, understand and support the great work and innovative leadership of His Excellency, the action governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano.
Team Obiano is the online fan base of Gov Obiano spread across all social media platforms with a 30 member executives called the G30. Team Obiano has 21 representatives from the 21 local government areas called the Pillars with 326 ward representatives called the Enablers and numerous Diaspora representatives known as Frontiers.

Thus, We can’t host all the fans of Chief Willie Obiano in this hall. Today, we are only inaugurating a few who are available to sacrifice their time, energy and money to steer the Fans Club.

Through a random selection, we appointed members here to represent all interest groups and those who sent their details via text messages were invited to witness this unveiling... Thus, everyone is a member of Team Obiano!

Just click on our Facebook Page at Join NOW!!!

Team Obiano simply represents people who are determined to popularize the activities of the governor and also ready to collect quality feedback from the grassroot.

Through Team Obiano, we shall create 10,000 jobs in 12 months in partnership with Social Media Entrepreneurs... We shall endeavour to end ethuggery by promoting responsible use of the cyberspace.

My regards to Anambra Online Publishers, a group of persons who believe that quality online publishing is key to social development.

I won’t stop until I say hello to Online CEO Forum, a group of persons who are not up to 40 years but make mega money online.

I won’t stop talking until I say hello to the CEO of Internet Cash Institute, a young man who has keyed into the vision of the governor to make sure that a lot of social media entrepreneurs are discovered and developed.

I won’t stop until I say hello to CEOs of JaraTV, thereporters, Blog10, African Future Stars, and many other top bloggers here.

I have special regards for all individual groups supporting Gov Willie Obiano vis a viz: Online Vanguards; Save Anambra Media Group; The Parliament; Ogene Ndigbo; The Crew; Ala bu Otu; Igbo Amaka; Anambra Square and many others.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not standing here simply because I am a blogger or a social media influencer. I am standing here because I am one of the many young persons who have been engaged by a governor who believes in the spirit and energy of the youth.

If not for your interest and goodwill towards today’s event, we would have not got here. I can imagine how much you have put into this... You made it possible.

I seek for your continued support for Gov Willie Obiano and this project, as we continue #MovingForward!

I appreciate your attention.

Thank you for being here, I love you all.

Coordinator, Team Obiano


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