Controversy Over Reality of Anambra Rice

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Following the rumour making rounds about the reality of Anambra rice for consumption and barrage of media hype recorded without corresponding supply to meet up with the customers’ demand of the products, residents of Anambra have called on the state government to ensure farmers and millers are provided with adequate incentives to produce to enhance their production.
They expressed disappointment at the scarcity of the product from the designated outlets, urged millers and dealers to ensure the availability of the produce are sold are subsidized rate to enable equal patronage from the citizens of all cadre of the society.

Correspondent, Bamidele Ajayi, went round cities of Awka, Nnewi and Onitsha to ascertain the true position of Anambra rice and filed in  this report.
Mix reactions trail the reality of Anambra state locally produce rice called ‘Anambra Rice’, as residents of the state have resulted to endless search for the purchase of the product at affordable price.
They welcome the idea of improve production to be at par with the foreign rice and ensure the prices are affordable as the parameter at which consumers would be able to partonise the locally made rice.
Some called on government to over-see the value chain network of the rice production from the provision of improve seedling to farmers, irrigation provided when needed, harvesting, processing and packaging that one call equate with the standard of imported made produce.
Speaking with an officials of the state government and rice millers, who described the allegation has unfounded, said people should learn how to encourage their government for them to attract developmental projects to their localities.
They disclosed that though the production might be in short supply but assured the effort put in the place by the state government to ensure the state rice products would in short distance become the next exporter of the produce abroad for the country.
The farmers expressed confidence that with the intervention of the Anambra and the Federal Governments, they were likely to produce more paddies at lower price this year which will also increase production.


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