Ezeemo proposes solution to Anambra's power problem

Godwin Chukwunenye Ezeemo, an industrialist who recently moved all his investments homeward, has proposed solution to the power supply challenges bedevilling Anambra state and the entire nation, which he identified as the primary need of the society.

He made this known recently while interacting with a group of youths in his hometown who sat with him to understand his vision for the state.

Bemoaning the crippling effect power supply has continued to pose to Nigeria’s economy, Ezeemo said his findings from his research into the Brazil/Uruguay experience with power supply has shown him that Anambra’s, albeit, Nigeria’s power supply problem is solvable if we borrow a leaf from them.

In his words, “Brazil has this ITAIPU bi-national dam, which they jointly built with Uruguay, a neighbouring country. The project cost them 11 billion dollars, which they borrowed from World Bank. Their power needs are met by this dam and the revenue they generate from the power supply is used to offset the loan. I learnt they will complete paying off the debt in 2023. This can be replicated in Anambra state and once we solve this problem, unemployment, education, health, security and agricultural problems and every other problems of the state will be easily addressed.”

Explaining further, Godwin Ezeemo observed that mechanized farming would remain a defeated effort until power supply problem is solved. He also pointed out how every other sector of the economy relies heavily on power supply, making power supply a priority need he intends to attend to when he assumes office as Anambra state governor.

Ezeemo, who recently has his posters pasted all over the state indicating his wish to make Anambra better as governor of the state come November, 2017, frowned at the way boreholes are being constructed everywhere saying that the environmental hazard this would pose is not being considered. He however said that with the power problem in Anambra state solved, water can be reticulated from natural water bodies to all the parts of the state.

Talking about the health challenges and high mortality rate in the state, Godwin intimated that his government would take care of the cost of doctor’s visitation by patients and ensure that every ward in the state has at least one resident doctor.

The industrialist therefore enjoined Anambra youths to expect reorientation in true patriotism, organized administration and a youth-friendly government if he assumes office as the governor of Anambra state.



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