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                                                             By Augustus Bill

Miral Pharm. Ltd. One of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Africa has set the pace of becoming the first indigenous pharmaceutical company to throw their strong weight behind the cause of the sickle cell sensitization campaign after they redeemed their pledge of over 2 million naira worth of Surgically equipped first Aid Boxes to the sickle cell group.
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The company, who are also the manufacturers of Ravimal, an anti-malaria drug, has confirmed the possibility, and set the path of a strong partnership between social service groups and pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria.
Receiving the first batch of the customized first aid boxes, Aisha Edward, the coordinator of the Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder, expressed profound joy at the benevolence of the company, which she said is the first African dominating pharmaceutical company to ignite strong partnership with the Association. She hinted that other pharmaceutical companies who had been in positions to help the Association had either charged her excessively or rendered inferior services that would only benefit their selfish interests, but Miral Pharm has not only granted us our long desired wish but has also lived beyond expectations in ensuring that the sickle cell victims are well taken care of.

Aisha further appreciated the kind efforts and the benevolence of the Nando born Pharmacist from ANAMBRA STATE, and the Director of Miral Pharm Ltd. Mr.Onyeka Onyeibor. She prayed that people in better positions to help social causes should emulate his genuine benevolence, as it is rather painful that most people, especially those in government cannot boast of any singular constituent package of their various consistencies aimed at promoting social causes like Supporting the victims Livelihood or the sickle cell sensitization campaign despite their good understanding of the human Challenges associated with the Anemia, and Having reminiscence of the Adage CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME. 
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Aisha also thanked those Law makers Responsible for the Sponsorship of their Sickle Cell Law for their Survival, and Professor Uzochukwu, of the School of Pharmacy Agulu, who brokered the partnership on behalf of the Association, after he read about the association’s exploits and indicated strong interests to bring goodwill to them.

Members of the Sickle Cell Association are encouraged to avail themselves for the Drug Abuse/ Self-Medication Campaign on February 24, at NAUTH Nnewi, and those who are yet to register are advised to seize this opportunity to do so, and benefit from the numerous favours the association enjoys from well meaning individuals and corporate bodies.

The Drug Abuse / Self-Medication Campaign rally is aimed at creating a loud awareness for the wrong usage of unprescribed drugs, which is continually becoming a regular practice in this part of the country. The campaign shall commence with a city wide walk by 6am on February 24, 2017 at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital Nnewi.


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