PUBLIC NOTICE: NYCN Anambra Rejects Factional Group Allegedly Created By State Ministery of Youth & Sports Cronies

The attention of the leadership of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Anambra State chapter has been drawn to a laughable, kangaroo caretaker committee reportedly set up yesterday at a hidden location in Amawbia community by few persons within the corridors of the state government allegedly on behalf of the Ministry of Youths and Sports.

The shenanigan that can at best pass for an over starved skulduggery, in our view, was among others designed to arm-twist the youths of Anambra State.

Ordinarily, we would've ignored this illegitimate act, dismissing it as puerile tantrums from the anthills, but considering the grave damage it might do to the image of the council and its newly elected leaderships, we hereby react as follows:

1. The NYCN, through a proper congress held at the state secretariat of NYCN in Awka, elected Nonso Smart Okafor and his capable members of the executive.

2. The so-called caretaker committee is illegal and cannot in anyway lean on the constitution of NYCN as amended in 2012.

3. NYCN constitution ONLY assigned the Ministry of Youths & Sports supervisory role and not powers beyond that. See Article 16, subarticle A—H.

Specifically, subarticle A says:

_The ministry in charge of Youth Development shall be the supervisory Ministry of the activities of the Youth Council in line with the National Youth Policy._

Subarticle E says:

_Notwithstanding any other provisions in this Constitution, the Youth Council is autonomous in operation, planning and execution of all its activities without interference from government or any external bodies._

While we pledge to continue to be law abiding, we will not in anyway tolerate any form of impersonation of the elected executive members of the NYCN in Anambra.

The current Commissioner for Youths & Sports is a lawyer and she is expected to, not only be abreast with the provisions of the NYCN constitution, but also should not allow the ministry under her watch to be dragged into acts of illegalities.

Finally, we restate that while we will remain law abiding, we will not tolerate any form of impersonation whatsoever as we are very ready to take the bull by the horn.

Build the youths, build the nation.

Public Relations Officer,
National Youth Council of Nigeria,
Anambra State chapter


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