MOFGAS declares APGA bastardised, as they endorse Ezeemo, PPA Ezeemo has a consistent nature-PPA Chairman

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The Maxi Okwu led faction of All Progressive Grand Alliance known as Movement for  Greater Anambra State, MOFGAS, came out enmasse today to declare APGA bastardised as they endorsed Ezeemo and People's Progressive Alliance,  PPA as the credible leadership that would move Anambra forward.

 Speaking during the event of endorsement which saw more than 200,000 MOFGAS members converge on Emmaus House, Awka, Obi Okafor, Onowu Okpuno, chairman of event (MOFGAS stakeholder) alleged that APGA has more than 10 court cases and has kept on bastardising the noble ideals of the founding fathers. He then described Ezeemo as a gentleman to the core that has a reputation of keeping his words.
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He said the Maxi Okwu faction is adopting Ezeemo as their candidate. He said that as humans,  we always seek improvement. He observed that the restiveness in the south east is because the down trodden are neglected. " Igbos have investment in other cities,  but Ezeemo brought his own home. In line with Ojukwu's admonition. If Ezeemo becomes the governor I know that all of us will smile," he enthused.

Comrade MI Okeke, Convention committee chairman. MOFGAS said that the group is a benchmark of excellence and sole promoter,  advocate of good governance and leadership development in Anambra State. He narrating how the group was etched out of APGA attributing it to the present government's ineptitude, rascality and extravagance. He said that the group has identified Godwin Ezeemo as the only candidate with a precedence of matchless passion for Anambra having contributed immensely to the economic growth of Anambra State.

He therefore said that MOFGAS has endorsed Ezeemo and would move on from the event to commence issue based progressive campaign aimed at redeeming Anambra State and people.

"We will address the moral deficit and Gestapo-like government that has led to the breakdown of our value system, causing slow pace of development in the State," he said.

Edwin Okonkwo,  PPA National Deputy Chairman said he was enthralled at the personality of Ezeemo. He said that Ezeemo had inspired him to put group interest over personal interest in politics and called Ezeemo, the best thing that can happen to Anambra State.

Ezeemo said that his purpose is to sincerely attend to the basic needs of the people. He reiterated on his consuming love for his black brothers and intention to use Anambra State as a case in point in achieving an organised and comfortable as well as inspiring society.  He promised that he would always be reachable and transparent when he becomes governor of Anambra State.

Raising up Ezeemo's hands by the National Chairman of PPA and the National Secretary of MOFGAS marked the highpoints of the event.


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