Trailing the Blaze of The General Officer Commanding 82Division on Public Health Related Matters as it Concerns Men and Officers of the popularly known Infantry Division, The Deputy  Director of Army Public Relations, 82division Enugu, Col. Sagir Musa has Confirmed that the Army information department has a lot to Contribute in the Sickle Cell Advocacy Campaign through The Army Public Relations which could  serves as the  advocacy arm in Disseminating Information to the Targeted Audience in the Barracks, Military Schools and the Society at Large .He said this while Receiving the Coordinator of the Association of Persons Living With Sickle Cell Disorder, Aisha Edward.

Col.Musa Confirmed that the Army has taken steps in the Fight Against Sickle Cell by ensuring That all applicants are Properly Screened before Joining the Army. He confirmed that the Army Understands the Forgery Perpetuated by Most Applicants, and so do not Rely on the Medical Information Provided by the Candidates, but ensure that her Medical Team Screens the Candidates to Ascertain their Authentic Medical Status, Ruling out every chances of Forgery.

In the Sickle Cell Advocacy and how the Division can Sustain the Campaign in the Military Barracks across the South East through the Army Public Relations Department , Col. Musa confirmed that the GOC 82Division Maj. Gen.Adamu Abubakar is Passionate about the welfare of the troops and their families and would Support any effort in that Direction.

Col. Musa said to this End that the 82Division Hospital Based on the GOC's, directive will on Thursday 13 April 2017 Carry out a massive Sensitization Program at Mammy market Car Park in Abakpa Military Cantonment Enugu The Program is aimed at Educating the Inhabitants of the Barracks on the Causes, Consequences and Management of Both the disorder, The Current life threatening Meningitis Outbreak  and Hepatitis.

Aisha, who spoke on Behalf of the Sickle Cell Association expressed Joy at the support they are receiving from the Army, and Believes that with the Sincerity and Discipline of the Army, the sensitization Advocacy will be sustained. She believes that Col. Musa will Replicate his exploits in handling the Niger Delta and North East Crisis in this Sickle Cell Advocacy. Aisha said that Col.Musa is an Officer she worked with during her Days in the Army, and one She can wholly vouch for when it Comes to Hardwork and Dedication.

Aisha Edward
National Coordinator for
People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder.


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