EROSION: Residents Cry For Help To Arrest Gully Erosion Beside Government House Awka

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What used to be Beside Agu-Awka Government house landscaping  gutter shift has become a big gully erosion that needs urgent government intervention.
Residents of Agu-Awka GRA have called of the government to act as a matter of urgency come to their rescue to salvage the situation before the erosion sweeps off their properties.
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They recount their loses, stating efforts made in the past to ensure it does not get out of control but to no avail.
The people though in their groaning made strong intervening calls to the government to save their lives and properties from the encroaching erosion not to sweep off their life saving properties to erosion
Recounting their grieve in the face of harsh environmental reality, residents of Agu Awka estate lamented that the situation is becoming worrisome whenever it rains, not sure the dimension of carving in the erosion would go.
They send a Save-Our-Soul message to the state and federal government to rescue their properties from the encroaching gully erosion.
Not minding the erosion proximity to the Anambra state government house, which is about 95 meters away from the erosion, the residents called on relevant authorities responsible for erosion cladding to come to aid before lives and properties they laboured for over the years get encroached by the threatening erosion .
A visit to the erosion site gives virile call to action on the part of government to yield to the people’s cry to avert the impending disaster the encroaching gully erosion might cause on the families and residents of Agu-Awka estate.
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Hotels, living homes, business, filling stations, as well as economic farm produce that worth billions of naira are on the line to be submerged by the threatening gully erosion.
While occupants of the government house and its functionaries are not left out in the impending debacle, if no serious action is taking to avert the loading disaster the erosion may cause on the people.
Only time would tell if relevant authorites would harken to the calls of these citizens, whose fate to happy living is now been threatened by expanding gully erosion at Agu-Awka extension estate, Awka, Anambra state capital.



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