UNICEF Demands Considerable Employ To Full Domestication of Child Right Acts in Nigeria

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The United Nations Children Education  Fund (UNICEF)  identify major challenges facing the domestication of the child rights act in many states in  Nigeria to inadequate support from government and lack of awareness creation to inform the public about the basic  rights of an African child.
It suggests for a holistic approach that would accommodate equal rights for every child, irrespective of their birth, background and socio-ethnic affiliation.
These were the recommendations reached in this year Day of the African child celebration in Awka, Anambra state capital, in commemoration of the 16th June 1976 student uprising in Soweto, South Africa. Which had students marched in protest against the poor quality of education they received and demanded to be taught in their own languages? 

Describing the realization of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by the year 2030 in Africa as harculien task, where stakeholders would engage themselves in things that would better the lives of an African child for a progressive tomorrow.
The Chief Field Officer-Socio Policy, Enugu State Office. south east of Nigeria, Ibrahim Khail-Conteh notes with fact that measures have been put in place by the United Nation to assist but need corresponding positive approach from both the leaders and the led to ensure equal rights are melted at every child to enable them have the expected sustainable services to life as its being enjoyed by their contemporaries in the west.
Speaking, the speaker, Anambra state children Parliament, Rt. Hon. Edem Rex-Abara siad the  children are in there need of the support from the adult class to enable them develop in the environment they find themselves. 
Considering avenue that would create strong assurances of developmental skills on the part of the socio class that would accommodate compulsory education for all child and right to modern facilities as enshrines in the sustainable development goal 2030 target as mechanism that would make their dreams realizable.

Also, various discussants at the occasion said the issues about government getting involve in socio welfare and ensuring the full domestication of the child rights act as it has been passed by various houses of assembly are challenged to ensure its full implementation for the provision of better living for an African child.
 This year Day of Africa child celebration in Anambra state witnessed a road show, drama by different participating schools, demonstration of hand washing and quality legislative presentation by the state children panel.



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