UNIDO Partners Anamrba Government to provide Entrepreneural Education

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In the bid to restructure the nation’s educational system to include entrepreneurship scheme of learning from secondary to tertiary institution levels, the United Nations for Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) is promising to embark on the training of teachers and students for a productive society.
UNIDO disclosed that the development of a nation would better be handled if the younger generation is equipped with entrepreneurial skills as a vehicle that would endear them to creative tenets.
Skills acquisition has become an important tool to fight against unemployment as many especially youths now graduate from institutions only to sit for years with jobs.

The Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs Life Project is UNIDOs plan to tutor the youth on self sustainability from the on set so as to be armed with the necessary tools to start life independent of the queries for jobs.
This idea culminated in the signing of a trust fund agreement between the United Nations for Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Anambra State government.
Anambra state has instituted similar entrepreneurship programmes that accommodates the students and physical challenge and the initiative has attracted quite a huge response from local and foreign partners.
The state governor disclosed that the initiative was at the heart of his administration's policy on human capital development and this he says would reduce the challenges of youth restiveness in the state.
The partnership programme is aimed at upgrading teachers, students in senior secondary schools, undergraduates, graduates, as well as those in technical and vocational institutions, toward creating small scale businesses and attaining financial freedom.



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