Obaze in Breakfast Meeting with Student Leaders, Reiterates Commitment to Quality and Affordable Education

The PDP Candidate for the Anambra State Governorship Election, Mr. Oseloka H. Obaze, earlier today, hosted Students Leaders to a breakfast meeting. 

In his remarks, Mr. Obaze reiterated his commitment to meeting the United Nations threshold of dedicating 26% of the budget to education out of which 10% will be given to parochial schools to ensure free, quality and accessible education noting that only Sokoto and Kwara State have met that threshold.

He said “during Peter Obi’s administration,  we gave each University 100 million naira support, this government has discontinued that. If we are able to achieve free education from kindergarten to JS3, parents will have enough disposable income to meet other needs. This is my commitment”.

“We gave first class graduates of Anambra origin during H.E Peter Obi’s tenure one million naira each to encourage further studies or support their businesses,  the current administration stopped that, I midwifed that policy and will bring it back."

"We gave schools computers and paid for the internet access which cost N2.3bn, the current administration has abandoned that and those equipments are now lying in waste and covered in dust; we will return our State to the trajectory where it was on when Peter Obi handed over. My commitment is to drive our educational revolution under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations" he added.

Mr. Obaze,  a former United Nations Official, in prefacing his remarks said governor Obiano is his friend and he has no issues with him "but I have issues with his style of governance, I have issues with his policies and I have a lot of issues with the kind of people and advisers around him”, he said.

“This government has committed itself to being reckless with finances. In three and half years, this government appropriated and expended N455bn approved by the State House of Assembly. The question is,  where is the money on ground? And we are only talking about the approved budget”.

“The most unfortunate thing is when your elected government looks you in the eye and lie to you, this government runs on lies and media propaganda but we will keep engaging them on issues and exposing their lies”, he concluded.

The visibly impressed Students thanked Mr. Obaze for giving them such audience and also asked him questions during the interactive session which he responded to.



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