Dell predicts man, machine partnership in 2018

The Senior Vice President at Dell EMC, META, Mr. Mohammed Amin, on Tuesday, said that year 2018 would witness more partnership between man and machine. Amin, in a statement in Lagos, said that the partnership would be more interwoven into peoples’ day-to-day lives. Dell According to him, it would transform everything from the way businesses are run and the importance placed on security to how entertainment was provided. “There is need to share the impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) advances in Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, will have on organisations and lives digitally in 2018. “Emerging technologies, such as AI, AR, IoT and cloud computing, made possible through exponential developments in software,
analytics, and processing power are augmenting and accelerating this direction. “This is evident in our connected cars, homes, businesses and banking transactions already; even transforming how farmers manage their crops and cattle,’’ he said. Amin listed some of the predictions as: AI doing the ‘thinking tasks’ at speed, embedding the IQ of things, having a deeper relationship with customers, bias check would become the next spell check, among others. He said that over the next few years, AI would change the way people spend their time acting on data, and businesses would harness AI to do data-driven “thinking tasks” for them. The Dell Official said that it would significantly reduce the time people spend scoping, debating, scenario planning, testing every new innovations, as it would reduce bottlenecks, liberate people to make more decisions and move faster. “Some theorists claim AI will replace jobs, but these new technologies may also create new ones, unleashing new opportunities for humans,’’ he said.   Amin also said that as regards embedding the IQ of Things, gargantuan strides would be taken in embedding near-instant intelligence in IoT-enhanced cities, organisations, homes, and vehicles. He added that with the cost of processing power decreasing and a connected node approaching $0, soon, we would have 100 billion connected devices, and after that a trillion. Amin also said that over the next decade, emerging technologies such as VR, AI, would help people find and act on information without interference from emotions or external prejudice, while empowering them to exercise human judgment where appropriate. “In the short-term, we will see AI applied to hiring and promotion procedures to screen for conscious and unconscious bias, while VR will increasingly be used as an interview tool to ensure opportunities are awarded on merit alone. Amin said that cloud was not a destination, and in 2018, businesses are overwhelmingly moving toward a multi-cloud approach, taking advantage of the value of all models from public to private, hosted and managed. He said that due to increasingly interwoven relationships with machines, small subtle failures could lead to mega failures. “Hence, next year will be a year of action for multinational corporations, further inspired by the onslaught of new regulations such as GDPR. He said that there was need to prioritise the implementation of cybersex-curity tools and technologies, to effectively protect data and prevent threats.



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