Seasoned broadcaster, Mabel Oboh flags off ‘SaveourStars’ campaign

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 Recently, Mabel Oboh announced her plans to establish an entertainment foundation to cater for the welfare of Nigerian celebrities. While the project is still in the pipeline, the seasoned broadcaster and actress has flagged off a campaign to that effect. Tagged, “Mabel on SaveourStars”, the campaign is expected to benefit entertainers who are battling serious ailments and are financially constrained  to help themselves. Mabel Oboh Unveiling the campaign to  the media, Mabel listed entertainers who are  suffering from terminal diseases such as cancer, diabetes and accident victims as major beneficiaries. “Producers, actors, actresses, script writers, musicians make-up artistes, journalists among others are part of the beneficiaries,” she added. According to her, in the course of the
campaign, she will be approaching hospitals, corporate organizations and government agencies to solicit support. In case of ailing entertainer who’s  residing outside Lagos, Mabel said the team will only step in to source for funds for his or her treatment. However, Mabel said her immediate concern is to ensure that Nigerian entertainers do not die  unnecessarily again or  go cap in hand begging for assistance any time one of their own is down with a terminal disease. The main aim is to save life. I want to stop the idea of going to the public to beg for support each time  one of us is down with a terminal disease. We are like a family. We will help ourselves and families don’t leave each other. When we start helping each other, outsiders will definitely come to assist us. That’s what I am trying to put together. It’s not a situation where people will take advantage of us, she further explained. “The seasoned broadcaster called on Nigerian entertainers to join forces with her to make the campaign a reality. Already, some international organizations, according to her,  are signalling  interest in becoming part of the campaign. Also, ailing Sadiq Daba who was recently down with Leukemia and prostate cancer is backing the campaign.



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