Nigeria can learn a lot from Seychelles — Lancelot Imaseun

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Popular film director, screenwriter and film producer, Lancelot Imasuen, speaks with JOY MARCUS about his most memorable travel experience to Seychelles
Where is the most interesting place you have travelled to?
My most memorable travel experience was to Seychelles Island in East Africa. When I got there, I was reminded of Bayelsa State. I was fascinated by how they have turned their island into a fountain of wealth, while our country, with all our natural resources, has fallenbehind. I think the island has a population of less than a hundred thousand people and they have been able to do wonders despite their small population. The hills there reminded me of the hills in Enugu State but the irony is that while Seychelles has done wonders with its hills, ours in Enugu are almost like a curse because most times, we hear of vehicles falling off the hills.

What was the purpose of your visit to Seychelles?

I travelled for an event and I stayed there for about five days at a hotel.

Did you travel alone or you travelled with a group?

I travelled with a group and it was a very interesting trip.

What was the first thing that impressed you about Seychelles?

I was impressed by the beautiful scenery and what the country has made out of its natural resources. It is a sad reality that our country is blessed with natural resources, yet we cannot use them properly, while other countries have been able to use their natural resources to generate a lot of wealth. In Seychelles, the cheapest hotel room is about $300 for a night. I was also impressed by the simplicity and courtesy I got at their airport. The airport is as small as the Benin airport.

Did you visit any interesting place in Seychelles?

Yes, I saw a lot beautiful tourist sites.

Does Seychelles share any similarities with Nigeria?

Nothing, aside the fact that nationals of both countries are blacks. You won’t hear screaming or shouting like we hear in Nigeria. Everyone seems to be very happy over there.

Did you try any of their local dishes?

No, I did not. The place is majorly a tourist site; so, there were a lot of continental dishes there. I didn’t have time to try out their local meal.

How does the hospitality service  in Seychelles compare to what obtains in Nigeria?

Sadly, even as a Nigerian, I will say this without any equivocation that you hardly find hospitality here. Most Nigerians are harsh and unfriendly. In places where tourism is their business, you find out that they are so courteous; from the taxi drivers to the traders because they know that being hospitable is what they live on. In that place, if you misplace anything, you are sure of getting it back. The crime rate is zero and you can sleep with your two eyes closed. Nigeria needs to be remade entirely. Nowhere can be compared with Nigeria in terms of hospitality; the country really has to learn.
What can Nigerians learn from Seychelles?

Nigerians can learn to use what they have to get what they want. Our overdependence on oil should be stopped and we should begin to look at our other natural resources. When you arrive at Seychelles, you will be impressed at what they have made out of that place.

What is your dream travel experience?

I dream of going to Asia: Hong Kong, China, South Korea and North Korea.

What is the best travel advice you can give anyone?

Anyone who wants to travel should make sure they have enough money because traveling is so much fun but it is also very expensive.

Did you buy any keepsakes during your trip?

Yes, I bought some clothes that are synonymous with their culture. I bought a lot of beach wear, caps and some beautiful accessories.


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