The chairman, Amalgamated Nigerian Market Unions World Wide, Ambassador Chidi Nnanbugwu has called on all well meaning progessive Nigerians to rally round the presidential aspirant on the Labour Party platform, Sam Okey Mbonu.

. He stressed the need to recognize the genius in the Presidential hopeful Mbonu, saying that Mbonu is answer to the cries of Nigerians who yearn for an end to hardship in Africa's biggest economy. 
Ambassador Nnabugwu, an importer exporter expressed dissatisfaction with the economic performance of the nation under president Buhari. "I am speaking as an importer exporter, and also as a trader who owns shops in different markets across Nigeria. So the OMATA people, the traders are experiencing so much hardship right now. When you to China, Japan, India etc where we import goods from, even America, price of dollar to Nigeria is too unfavorable. You come into the country, our brothers who own shops in Alaba are complaining, everywhere trade fair, idumota, Buhari does not care. There is no form of support from this government, rather the federal government has imposed very hard policies that striffle the growth of the economy. Most of us who have businesses abroad have suffered the worst under the Buhari administration. Go to the ports anywhere in Nigeria, all importers and exporters have been chased out of business. The oil companies have all packed up and left the shores of our country and yet nobody is saying anything, nothing is being doing to salvage our oil based economy. Have we asked ourselves what happened to ElF, Chevron, Mobil? After they packed up as a result of harsh economic policies of Buhari and the insecurity in our waterways, what efforts has the federal government made to alternatively create more jobs or solutions in the oil sector?
For those of us who are involved in international business, it's a worst case scenario. Our businesses are folding, the dollar exchange rate is an economy killer. We have suffered enough in this country. Go to Kaduna, KANO, Maiduguri all our people doing businesses over there have all returned home and lost their business to the hands of Boko Haram and when we thought that was bad enough, they introduced the now dreaded Herdsmen who are executing the same mission. We are tired of government sitting silent and watching our hardworking citizens being killed and yet nothing is done.
We the market unions are speaking out this time. Let the government pack up and go honorably, because we are going to the polls in 2019 and nothing is stopping us from sacking them with out votes. The man we want to cast our votes for must not be from the ruling class.  We need new generation leadership, we need a visionary, someone who does not see politics as a means to enrich themselves while leaving the people impoverished and the county wallowing in underdevelopment. 
That is why our consensus choice for 2019 presidency is Sam Okey Mbonu of the labour party because he possesses the type of credentials that we strongly believe can propel Nigeria forward in terms of economicsl growth, infrastructural development, fiscal policy management and youth empowerment. There is no telling what someone with Mr Mbonu's credentials can achieve for our nation. So we are rallying round our own, an achiever who has been adjudged one of the best in community development as a one time commissioner for housing and community development in Maryland, United States of America.
Our association, the Amalgamated Nigerian Market Unions World Wide is an umbrella body housing all Nigerian market organisations around the world, with branches in China, USA, Malaysia, South Africa, Cyprus, Nigeria and still growing. Ambassador Chidi Nnabugwu is drumming support for the Mr Sam Okey Mbonu. If you are a market union leader in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, please contact us for more details on how to be a part of the Amalgamated Nigerian Market Unions World Wide,


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