Hot water challenge: 10-year-old boy lands in hospital from injuries

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A 10-year-old boy, Ashton Taylor, has landed in the hospital after he got injured in a viral challenge, called the Hot Water Challenge.
Ashton suffered second-degree burns on his stomach, legs, arm and fingers,  reports WSAV3.
He had been on the receiving end of the challenge at a sleepover when he woke up screaming after he said a 9-year-old boy poured boiling water on his chest and legs.
 “I was screaming and they put me in another bed and I tried to calm down but I couldn’t because the pain was just on fire,” Ashton recalled.

His mom remembered when she got to the hospital that she could hear her son’s anguished cries in the hallway.
“It’s been a nightmare,” she said, adding, “I mean just blisters everywhere. It’s horrifying.”
Ashton and his mom hope sharing their nightmare will prevent another family from the same pain.
Meanwhile, calls have been going out, discouraging children and teens from participating in the Hot Water Challenge.
What you need to know about the Hot Water Challenge:
The Hot Water Challenge is a challenge where children and teenagers dare themselves to pour boiling watter on themselves or others or drink it through a store.
Medical experts reveal that pouring hot water on oneself could lead to loss of skin.

Lose of skin not only increases the risk of infection but also dehydration.

Drinking boiling water from a straw can be deadly too, as it could swell the internal soft tissues almost instantly, meaning the victim could stop breathing.


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