PDP KILLED NIGERIA, WHILE APC BURIED HER -says presidential aspirant

As the groundswell against President Muhammadu Buhari's effort at re-election next year continues to thicken, one of the most vocal aspirant for his replacement, Mr Placid Maduabuchi Emmanuel has insisted that the nation cannot afford to place its destiny and fate in either the hands of the All Progressives Congress(APC) or the alter ego, the People's Democratic Party(PDP) again.

Describing the PDP as the killer squad who hacked the nation down, Mr Emmanuel named the APC as the unprepared mindless and tactless mortician who performed the final burial rites of the nation.

Hence none of the two deserves to be given any chance again, lest the nation go into permanent oblivion and extinction.

The presidential aspirant who is yet to pick a platform, commended the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) for opening the door for more political parties to be registered; and also for the Windows for those who have need to register in the voters registration exercise.

While urging citizens to make good use of the opportunity presented by the more than 90 registered political parties in the country now, and the registration exercise as a veritable channel through which to effect leadership change in the nation's political control, Mr Emmanuel persuades citizens to "go out and register and obtain their permanent voters cards as that is the only legitimate weapon and tool to remove all these rusty and non-performing selfish political leaders...."

Lamenting the state of affairs in the nation, the presidential hopeful pointed out that despite the usual catchphrase of the ruling APC, that the PDP killed Nigeria, but I declare that it's actually the APC that carried out the burial of the nation.

According to the him, it's not for nothing that God imbued us with so much mineral deposits. Nigerians should have no business with poverty, yet our leaders are visibly not ready to take us to that level of abundance now, not even in the next 50 years.

He affirmed he has been divinely mandated to come on a rescue mission, especially to check the massive bloodletting going on presently in parts of the country. Sad that President Muhammadu Buhari has publicly declared he was incapacitated to deal with thereby asking citizens to resort to prayers, perhaps when it now seem that the firepower of the bandits masquerading under the baptismal name of herdsmen and or bokoharam.

He wondered why the service chiefs are still there and what Buhari understand to be the first duty of government which is security of lives and property of her citizens. That it's a sad commentary that no one is free anymore to travel at will in more than half the states of the nation, yet such leader is still seeking reelection, to come and do what? He asked rhetorically.

Dissecting what could be described as the coded messages in Buhari's inaugural speech, where he said, ''having sworn by the holy book, how accessible are citizens to the book to know whether he's keeping to his word or has deviated.

"We are actually living in silent error. Because it's out rightly wrong for to have sworn by the Holy book and we expect him to keep to the contents of the Constitution. He has reneged in everything in the speech.

"If a man tagged to be a man of integrity failed to keep to his promises, then automatically he's either a hypocrite or a deceiver.

"We cannot allow things to continue the way it is now", Emmanuel declared.

The presidential aspirant asserted that having run the nation for more than six months without a cabinet, it was almost certain that the economy must develop operational epilepsy. "Because no one accounted for all the fund receipts and expenses.

So why blame the PDP? Because till date no one has told the nation how Buhari managed the nation's affairs all those months. Again, how do you expect a President who met sitting governors owing their workers months of unpaid salaries, looted their state treasuries and instead of probing them, chose to give them more money to loot in the name of bailout.

"In better climes no one gives out bailout to politicians. It's usually given to industrialists and entrepreneurs who create jobs, products and utility services. These are major part of why the nation went into recession.

"With all these imbalances and no improvement in sight, things have continued to slide dangerously downwards. Things must change. We must change the change", Emmanuel emphasized.
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