Anglican Bishops Conference on Awka Declaration 2018

The Anglican prayer rally 2018 has come and gone but the issues raised are yet to be dealt with.
 However, it is important to state that the Roman Catholic Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano did not attend the rally neither was he represented. The venerable, Okwuosa attended the prayer rally as an Anglican priest and so was not a representative of the Anambra state government. The Governor did not attend because it was not a Roman Catholic event neither did he deem it fit to send a high powered Government delegates to represent his government.

Let me put the matter straight that at the prayer  rally the elephant in the room - the Roman Catholic Governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano has turned the state into a theater of war as a result of his Book haramic activities against those who are not Roman Catholics. His activities if not checked will turn the state worst than the Borno and Yobe state.
So, claiming that the Government of Obiano want to partner with the Anglican church cannot be believed. This is because, he is only interested in partnership with the Roman Catholic church where he belonged. For instance look at the cabinets of the present government, it is 99% dominated by the Roman Catholics, Why should it be so?
 Even in employment, denomination is determinant factor if you will get employed. What of the recent APGA primaries, where non Roman Catholics who came first where denied ticked.
It is alarming, that a Governor can come low to start using worshipping thugs and security apparatus to stop a church of God from worshipping in their worship center.

His Excellency, The Roman Catholic Governor of Anambra state - Willie Obiano are you aware that God is watching you? Why can't you learn from what happened to Nebuchadnezzar?

Be informed that no amount intimidation and suppression can stop the Diocese on the Niger from fighting what belongs to them. It is on record that Bishop Crowther Memorial primary school belongs to the Anglican church.

It is high time, Anambrarians of good faith will rise up to call evil, evil because time is ticking faster now such that if nothing is done, religious wars does no one any good.


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